Keeping The Home Safe During The Winter Months

Winter is now here and with that comes the exciting talk of Christmas and cosy nights in. But, it is also an ideal time to readdress your security measures in your home. The nights are getting darker and with the addition of Christmas shopping to your home, you are possibly more vulnerable to crime such as theft in the home. However, it shouldn’t be anything to worry about, especially if you take into account some of these security measures. I wanted to share with you how you can keep the family safe this winter.


Keep those lights on

As the nights are drawing in earlier, our homes are getting darker by the second, and so it is easy for an opportunist to spot when someone isn’t home. At this time of year especially, you may have more valuable items in your home in the form of Christmas presents, as well as all your other beloved items that have not just a monetary value, but are worth something to you. Keeping the lights on helps to make your home look like someone is in. You could put things like lamps on a timer, to coincide with the evenings getting darker. That way you don’t have to worry about rushing home if you are enjoying the festivities.

Upgrade your security system

Maybe it has been a while since you last upgraded your alarm system, but this can be a huge deterrent in itself.  New system may put someone off even trying to get into your home. There are plenty of Alarm Systems Online to review and a lot of them can be a reasonable value for money. You could also look into upgrading your system entirely and have cameras fitted to the exterior of your home. Again having these visible could be enough to put a burglar off even trying to enter your home. Putting warnings on doors and windows could also help to deter people away.

Maybe a dog could be for Christmas

Many people love dogs and having a pet dog can be an amazing addition to your family. Of course, there is a well-known saying that dog is for life and not just for Christmas, but right now it could be the ideal time to add a pet dog to your family. They make great security tools for your home, as many people are less likely to attempt to rob a house when there is a dog about as they can alert neighbours as to things going on in the home.

Check over the locks on your doors and windows

Finally, you may want to give your home the once over, and now would be an ideal time to do it. Your door locks and even your window locks may have become a little rusty or weakened over time, so it could be a really good act to check them out and replace any dodgy locks. You could also add an additional lock to front and back doors for extra security.

I hope that these suggestions help you to keep your home safe during the winter months.

Working Around Refitting A Cosy Kitchen

Everyone loves a good cosy kitchen; somewhere we can be warmed by the stove, heat up some healthy and hearty soup, and have a good natter in a breakfast nook with our friends and family. Sound picturesque? It should! However, it doesn’t have to be as much of a dream as you think, as some kitchen fittings are a lot cheaper than others, and we can often just switch out some of the decorations to make the whole place look the way we want it to.

Because something is a little past orientated doesn’t mean they can’t look a little luxury! Try out a few of these ideas if you want to make your kitchen seem more enclosed and cosy around you, and have a better time when it comes to serving up the evening meal.


Look Around Charity Shops

Your local heart foundation or Oxfam shop are going to have plenty of furniture pieces for you to invest in, and often at a quarter of the original price. Any pieces you can buy from here, such as tables, chairs, and sideboards, can be repainted to give them more of a glossy look, whilst still being industrial and cozy.

This gives the place a sense of your grandma’s cute and cosy kitchen with her aga, or the industrious, hard working families we see all the time in those period dramas. Use any tables you find as a movable island counter, and places some barstools or chairs around one side to make it more functional whilst still giving yourself manoeuvrability. A sideboard placed against a bare wall can act as a focal point, and is a good place to store the gold plated cutlery ready for the New Year’s Eve meal.

You can even mix and match traditional and contemporary to make your kitchen look good warm and cute at the same time. Designers like that of have shown how well these pieces work together!

Do Away with Your Cabinets

Overhead cabinets can be a bit of a problem when you’re of the taller variety. Are you the kind of person who’s constantly banging their head on the doors when they’re open? Maybe you just hate the restricting element of cupboard space? Then maybe this option is for you.

Instead of using cupboards, replace them with some shelving, which you can of course paint, and store all your jars and crockery out in the open. Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing move to make, it also means you’ll never forget about the packet of pasta which you accidentally end up buying double of, and means the plates are kept clean and shiny for use whenever; you can get yourself easily into some better habits this way!

Hang Your Pans Overhead

Having an island space is one thing, but having a hanging island over the top of that is another! It’s a great use of open space that keeps storage out of the way whilst still being reachable and helping the cosy element. Just imagine the sprigs of parsley or lavender you could string down from it, ready to just grab and spice up a few of your homemade creations.

Look for Bronze Sink Fittings

Okay, so the idea of a bronze sink doesn’t fly well with a lot of modern designs, however, it’s cozy and traditional, and just finishes off the perfect look for your old timey cookhouse. It adds plenty of charm to your room, and they’re also incredibly easy to clean without scrubbing away any of the finish.

When we think of 19th century stately homes, and the kitchens that work full time underneath castles, we think of bronze sinks. If you like this picture in your head, it might be time to look into your sink options, and start washing the dishes in style. Search sites such as for a full range of taps, sinks, and the like, right at your fingertips. The modern works in our favour when the ease of shopping online comes into it!

So it turns out it’s quite easy! You don’t have to completely fork out for a new kitchen, as a bit of good monochrome wallpaper, or neutral tones on your cabinets and fridge door can go far. Throw a good cotton tablecloth over your island table, paint a bit of white over the backs of those second hand oak chairs, and you’ve got yourself a little throw of luxury in your cosy, functional kitchen.

5 Fun Ways To Get Your Family Fit


When you’re a parent, you’ll know just how difficult it can be to juggle fun with function. Because you want the best for your children, but you don’t always know exactly what that should look like. On the one hand, you want to keep them happy; and sometimes you know that the way to achieving that isn’t always the healthiest route. But at the same time, you want to be a good parent and bring them up with good values and with healthy bodies. It can be a tough balance to find. But, you don’t have to choose when it comes to keeping them fit. Because you can actually have fun while you’re doing it!

Go On A Bike Ride

Kids love their bikes. You probably get tired of having to pick them up off from the driveway and move them from the middle of the garden. But keep in mind that them being on their bikes is keeping them fit. So, why not consider going on regular bike rides as a family? If you want to get a little fitter, and include your husband in that too, this could be a great way to make sure it happens. If that goes down well, you could also consider going on a hike in your local woodland or up into the hills; both of which are great for keeping you fit.

Get-your-family-fit-bike ride

Enjoy A Day Out

Even though bike rides and hikes are a lot of fun, they’re also two activities that you generally know are great for you. But you don’t always have to know that you’re doing something to keep yourself fit and active. Sometimes, some of the best fun family activities keep you fit too. And the best part, you don’t even realize that you’re exercising! So, think about booking a day out for all the family and see how fit you feel after.

Play Sports

Up next, you’ve got another idea that will help you to enjoy exercise a little more, and that’s starting to play sports. But because you want to do this as a family, you should think about trying something like tennis or badminton. Both sports can be a lot of fun to play as a family, and will definitely help to keep you all fit.


Train For A Challenge

Then, you could also consider training for a family fitness challenge. If you’re all quite competitive, this could be a great way to keep you motivated. Whether it’s something like a silly sports day, or a bit more serious like a half marathon, setting your entire family a challenge can be a great way to focus on your fitness levels, and all have fun together.

Try A Fitness Break

Finally, you could also think about going on a fitness related holiday together. If you tend to go on the same kinds of breaks year on year, then you may want to consider making a change that’s more in line with your new fitness mind. A bootcamp or even an activity holiday can be exactly what you need to have fun and still stay fit.

Calming Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom is a vital part of your house. It’s the first thing you see in the morning, impacting your mood for the rest of the day. And it’s the place you end your day. If you’re struggling to sleep or find you are always waking up in a bad mood and feeling sluggish for the rest of the day, you may be surprised to find that making a few changes to your bedroom can have a hugely positive effect. Here are some calming bedroom ideas to help you to get the tone just right.



A cluttered bedroom can lead to a cluttered mind. Many of us live in smaller homes or with larger families. Some even work at home. This means space can be an issue. However, it’s essential that you keep your bedroom clutter free to make it a safe place that you can unwind and find peace. Clutter could even prevent you from getting a great night’s sleep or cause a dangerous tripping hazard. Some ways to avoid clutter include:

  •    Installing clever storage solutions
  •    Adding storage drawers under your bed
  •    Mounting shelves all the way around the top or your room
  •   Ruthlessly decluttering
  •    Labelling shelves and drawers to make them easy to keep tidy
  •    Finding homes in other rooms


It can be tempting to try to create a romantic atmosphere using dark, bold colours. But, this can affect the mood in your room massively. To create a relaxing bedroom where you find it easy to sleep try to stick to light colours like pale blues and purples or neutral shades. If you do want to add some bolder touches, do it with your accessories and soft furnishings.


It can be calming to add some comfortable and stylish seating to your bedroom. That way, if you’ve got anything other than sleep to do in there, you can stay off the bed.

Add a Reading Nook

A small reading nook is a great way to make your room more relaxing. Fill it with comfortable seating and surround yourself with all of your favourite books. Make this an area you go to relax and unwind, and you’ll soon start to associate it with calm and tranquillity.

A comfortable Bed

To make your room more calming, it’s focus should almost always be the bed. If you’ve got a great view and a large picture window, you could consider changing this. But, for most of us, the first thing that we see when we walk into our bedrooms should be a large comfortable bed like one from Serene Furnishing beds. Make it clear that this room is for rest. Invest in a good mattress and some high-quality, soft bedding in soothing colours.


When you’re trying to relax at the end of the day, turning a bright overhead light on while you get ready for bed can have an adverse effect. To keep the room relaxing, add softer lighting options.

A calming bedroom can help you to get a better night’s sleep, improve your mood and even have a positive effect on your mental health. It’s worth making a  few changes for.

Adding a Touch of Class to A Modern Home

Have you ever visited an old stately home? Even those that have been modernised and include new furniture and decoration scream luxury and class. As soon as you walk through the door, you feel decadence and glamour. You’re walking into a home where things happen. A part of history is laid out in front of you.

Of course, very few people live in stately homes today. But, that class doesn’t have to be confined to those select few. Think back over the years, to the homes of relatives when you were younger. Filled with artwork, heirlooms and statement pieces. Even the smaller homes had some class. It’s not always about money after all.

However, that class is easy to lose in a modern home as we go for white space and minimalism. How do we get the classy look and feel when we are trying to keep things clean and white? Let’s take a look at some easy ways to add class to your modern home.



There are a few different ways that you can add texture to your décor. You can include wall hangings, rugs, soft furnishings and fluffy carpets. This can add class, style and comfort to your home. Making is a place you can easily relax and ideal for welcoming guests. A house filled with texture is friendly and welcoming, it reflects a warm nature and is ideal for a house with a family.



Leather works well with texture to add both class and depth to a room. What’s classier or more decadent than a large leather sofa in a focal position in the room? Check out a Chesterfield sofa sale to find some affordable luxury for your home.



Mirrors are such an easy way to add glamour to a room. They make people think of the stars of stage and screen, or of glamourous locations and beautiful people. While also making a room look bigger. Add some larger mirrors to the wall furthest from the door to give the space an extended appearance.



One thing that stands out in large, expensive homes is often the artwork. Some of those old stately homes look more like art galleries than houses. You can quickly bring this same artist class into a modern home without resorting to paying a fortune for dated self-portraits or buying the works of great masters. Instead, buy cheaper prints of art your love, or large photographs of places that are important to you and have them well framed.



White space is great. It makes a room look large and clean and can help you to feel relaxed and alert. But, it doesn’t always look classy. Art will cheer it up, but you could also add some contrast. Add a dark colour to highlight the light. You could do this on a feature wall or with your furniture and accessories.

Even if you live in a modern cookie cutter home, the same as 50 others on your estate, you can easily make it classy and glamorous with some decadent touches.

Simple Winter Home Care Tips To Keep You Cozy & Peaceful


The cold nights are drawing in, and with them an abundance of home maintenance issues likely to rear their head. If you haven’t already become well versed in what to do to achieve a state of property equilibrium while entering the colder periods, you’re surely in the right place. Winter is the time of year where the harshest weather conditions are likely to spring up, and home difficulties you never knew existed will come marching to the forefront of your maintenance budget.

For this reason, taking a pre-emptive stance against the difficulties of wid-winter home repair can save you plenty of money and effort long-term. After all, winter should be a time of peaceful relaxation with loved ones and family members, but if you’re worried about how your home is holding up, your time to experience that is slightly stolen from you.

Luckily, you were wise enough to click on this article, and as such it’s only right to provide you with some of the best winter home care tips you can get your hands on.


It’s important to make sure that all of your home appliances and energy faculties are functioning as intended. Checking the boiler, the water pipes and all of your ventilation systems will require a trained eye, but the cost of a callout can be well-warranted here. Just make sure you hire a reputable trader who isn’t likely to find work where there isn’t any actually needed. Remember, this time of the year folks are looking for an increase to their winter financial padding, so make sure all of your quoted work is thoroughly checked, justified, and provided with a second qualified opinion.

Garden Care

It’s important to take care of your garden at this time of year, because it will quickly become dishevelled in the harsh weather conditions.The mess of fall often leaves you with a garden replete with leaves, so making sure these are brushed aside and fed to the compost can help as soon as the colder weather draws in and freezes everything.Not only this, but making sure dead and hanging branches are taken care of and trimmed now can prevent them from falling when the cold makes their stability brittle. This is especially important if you have any large trees hanging over an often used pathway.

If you need to, make sure to grit the frozen paths to your property each morning to prevent falls. That also includes your driveway. It’s helpful to grit thoroughly on driveways prone to freezing, especially if you must drive on an incline to enter or exit the parking space. Make sure your children know the dangers here so they aren’t as happy to run out into a space where a car might be driving with a little less control than usual.

Air Conditioning

This is not the time you need air conditioning, unless you live in Australia of course. If you do, this tip should come in handy in around six months. Cover up your air conditioning units to prevent any excess freezing air from entering your property and effectively eschewing your heating bill’s value.

Higher Tog Bedsheets

Now is the time to truly indulge in your comforting home furnishings. Opt for a much more insulating and comfortable higher tog bed clothing, and you can be sure to stay toasty, cosy and warm for longer. Not only this, but it will allow you to keep the window ajar at night and let fresh air in, something many people neglect to do in the winter. It’s important to keep this in mind, because often a lack of fresh air can lead to respiratory problems and a lack of deep, meaningful sleep. Just make sure you’re warm in a new bedspread before you do this.


Make sure you pay attention to where water could freeze. Could this be a leaky pipe, an unfinished drain network or shoddy roofing insulation? No matter where you identify it, enact repairs immediately. Water is likely to freeze during the depths of winter, and this can lead to plenty of property damage. Heating and refreezing water can lead to an accelerated means of damp also, so be sure to stay on guard and explore the hard to reach/hard to see angles of your property first.


Doors aren’t impervious to the cold conditions either. Often, they require an even more deft touch to repair in time for the freezing weather. For example, oiling or lubricating door hinges can help vintage wooden doors with cast-iron hinges from wearing out and becoming squeaky. Renewed bifold door components supplied by Debar Ltd can future-proof your entrances and dividing doors for some time. When the cold comes, you’ll wish your door are insulated and properly maintained, so keep this in mind and improve them now when your heating bill isn’t escaping through the cracks in your doorframes.

Draught Excluder

While we’re on the topic, it’s important to state the essential nature of purchasing a draught excluder. Not only will this prevent cold air from coming in, but it will also prevent hot air from escaping. Also, making sure that your double glazing is correctly secured with silicon is an important consideration to keep on top of. Inspect your property top to bottom, and enact these practical home solutions in the problem areas. You might save tens of dollars from your heating bill.

Bleed Radiators

On the subject of heating, it’s important to make sure your radiators are being heated to the full breadth of the installation. Press your hand against this, and if you notice cold patches where the radiator is switched on, you could do with bleeding them. Simply place the key in the correct slot (should be provided with your equipment,) the trapped air will be let out. The moment you see moisture forming at the top of the radiator, then you have done your job and rest easy in the heat of your home. This can save you even more money than making sure the hot air isn’t escaping, so it’s worth a look for sure.

Home Decorations

It’s important to understand that while home decorations are exciting and often herald the beginning of the beautiful festivities, they can be difficult to work with. These decorations often rest in the attic or storage closet of your home for a year, and in this time they can become damaged or frayed through no fault of your own. It’s important to assess the electrical safety of these implements before you hang them up, especially if you’re placing them outside. To do so could help you avoid a nasty electrical fire, which insight is likely to spread quickly.

Don’t be afraid of purchasing new electrical decorations each year. Sometimes, the peace of mind can be worth the effort. If you’re not sure how your electrical appliance is faring, it might be best to lay on the side of wisdom and simply replace it. Check the warranty on everything you have purchased. If you’re well past the date of expiration, it’s probably not worth risking it.

Have fun!

Remember, your home should always remain YOUR home. Decorate it how you wish, and don’t be afraid to add that little extra genuine piece of character which helps you feel more comfortable. At the end of the day, your fun and safety should be considered in equal measure, and unless you have small children to worry about baby proofing the house for, you should feel free to decorate and enjoy your space to the degree you wish.

We’d like to wish you all a wonderful winter period.

Costa Del Sol or Costa Fortune? Getting Your Money’s Worth Out Of Your Holiday Home


We’d all go bonkers without a break from the old routine every once in awhile. Access to white sands, blue seas and quick access to a range of reasonably priced cocktails can make any of the stresses of home life seem to melt away. But getting a place in the sun can be more than a welcome break, it can be a lucrative investment opportunity. Purchasing an overseas property that you lease to other holidaymakers and eventually use yourself seems like the easiest and most enjoyable money you’ll ever make doesn’t it? While it’s a worthy investment, it’s also one that requires a good deal of consideration and exhaustive research. You need to have a healthy understanding of the local property market as well as the seasonal scope of tourism operations wherever you choose to buy.

If you’re thinking of investing in holiday accommodations in Spain or splashing out on a Swiss chalet, it’s important to invest in property that’s appealing to both yourself and other like minded travellers. Thus, a holiday home worth its salt should have the following if you’re going to get the kind of return on your investment to make it a viable enterprise…

All-Year-Round Rentals

You may not be able to ensure that your holiday home is occupied 52 weeks out of every year, but it’s equally important to invest in areas that will see a healthy amount of visitors whatever the season. A property that’s only occupied for three or four months out of every year is going to represent a serious drain on your resources. If you’re only able to secure a property that people will realistically only visit in holiday season, you need to ensure that you’ll be able to charge a rent that will see you through the dry months without ripping off tenants or forcing them into the arms of other, cheaper providers,

Wifi Infrastructure

Underestimate the importance of Wifi connectivity at your peril. While we may remember a time when we all kept our mobile phones switched off throughout our holiday, our increasing reliance on internet connectivity for communications and entertainment as well as the opportunity for working holidays means that not having Wifi access will seriously limit your property’s appeal. While all but the remotest areas are usually have the infrastructure for providing high speed wireless internet, you may have to resign yourself to paying to keep the Wifi running all year round even when your property is vacant.

Proximity to local attractions

Many tourists are skittish when it comes to travelling abroad and though taxis are much cheaper in most areas than they are in the UK, proximity to local attractions will add enormously to the appeal of your property. For example, your property should be within walking distance of a beach and ideally be close to amenities such as bars, cafes, restaurants and shops (or at least within easy travelling distance).

With just a little nous and a whole lot of planning and research you can easily bag yourself an affordable investment that will not only provide a welcome retreat for you and your family, but an investment opportunity with a year-round yield.

Kid’s Stuff: What To Keep And What To Chuck

As your kids start to grow up you’ll find yourself in a difficult situation. When they start to outgrow all of their toys and clothes and you start replacing them, you need to get rid of the old stuff. That’s often easier said than done because every single item holds memories. It can be difficult to part with any of it but you’ve got to be practical unless you want to have boxes and boxes full of stuff by the time they leave home. To help make the transition a bit easier we’ve put together a few tips on how to choose what to keep and what to chuck.


Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts are one thing that everybody should keep. If family members have knitted them outfits, that’s more special than something you bought from a store. The same goes for any gifts that the kids have made for you. You can get rid of other stuff but anything that they’ve put their time and effort into should go in the keep pile. If you’ve got a lot of this stuff, you can take it to a local self storage facility and keep it there so it doesn’t take up too much room in the house. The homemade gifts are the things that you’ll remember in years to come, not the stuff you’ve just bought from a store.


With the exception of the homemade stuff, you’re probably going to have to get rid of most of the clothes. The kids grow out of them so fast you’re going to have piles of it by the time they get older. However, if you want to keep some of those memories without taking up way too much space, why not consider making a quilt? You can get your favourite pieces of clothing and take a cutting of them, then stitch them together into a quilt. That way you’ve still got those great memories without having to clutter up the house with hundreds of onesies.


Toys don’t have much of a lifespan these days. They’ll either get broken or the next big thing comes out and your kids aren’t bothered about the old stuff anymore. That means that toys can build up very quickly so you’ve got to be strict about what you get rid of. The best way to go about it is to have a box for toys and only allow the kids to keep whatever will fit in there. They can make the decisions about what goes and you can stop it from spiralling out of control. When they’re much older and you’ve got all of those toys left over, what should you keep? Most of their toys are going to be cheap plastic toys that aren’t exactly sentimental so they can go. Keep anything that’s actually practical and get rid of the rest. You should also keep a few of their favourite toys, particularly teddy bears or nice wooden ones. They’ll be far nicer keepsakes than a plastic robot toy.

One of the biggest surprises about parenthood is just how much stuff they produce, but using this handy guide, you can keep on top of it.   

Modernising Your Home So You Can Fall In Love With It Even More

While many of us love the idea of living in an old home, with a roaring fire and that sense of comfort, modernising your home can actually give off the same effect, yet add more class and style to your home. Minimalistic designs are very much trending at the moment, and it’s easier than you think to achieve. Here’s how you can modernise your home so that you can fall in love with it even more.



Modernised homes tend to concentrate more on the artwork that’s on display rather than the colour or pattern of your walls. Consider sticking to a neutral theme when it comes to colours and concentrate more on what you’re putting onto your walls to make more of a statement. This can range from large and luxurious mirrors, to sleek fireplaces and artwork from local artists. Whatever interests you could be incorporated too. You will of course, need the right tools for hanging your artwork, or fitting funky shelves. You can get all of the power tool accessories from Bryson that you would ever need at a reasonable price.


One thing you’ve probably already noticed about modern styled homes is that they’re very clean and airy. This is because no clutter or personal belongings are on display; therefore making it look like a showhome. You could build some storage shelves as part of your decor and store all of your personal belongings in there and keep your home free of clutter. Also, a clutter-free home will help with creativity as there’s nothing distracting you from working.


Who says that just because you’re going for a minimal design that comfort should be eliminated from the process? You can now get your hands on sofas, plush rugs, scatter cushions and recliners that will totally fit the part in your home. It’s always a good idea to have some sort of image in your mind on the furniture that you’d like so that when you’re furniture shopping you can concentrate on finding the perfect pieces for your home.


Lighting plays a big part on how a room feels as you enter it. If in the day there isn’t much natural light, it’s unlikely that you will want to spend much time in that room. While small windows are difficult to do anything about, adding the right lighting into the room will help solve your problems. Spotlights can create an incredible amount of light yet still look stylish. Also at night, you could set the ambience a little lower with lamps around your home; therefore making each room cosier in the evening while still having all the style you want.

Consider these ideas when modernising your home so that you can love your home even more than you already do. Remember with jobs that require electrical or gas work, it’s always best to let a professional do the work to prevent any risk of you harming yourself.

An Old Home For Your Modern Family

Many of us love the idea of living in an old home. There’s something wonderful about the idea of a house with history. Plus, old properties have buckets more character than most new builds. And, character is a priority for many of us. Nothing beats a few wooden beams and the sloping ceilings of old builds. They’re the definition of quaint.

But, it would be naive to assume that all old houses are suitable for modern families. Unlike when buying a new build, the chances are that you’ll have a fair bit to consider before you can move in. There’s just no getting around the fact that old houses weren’t built with modern living in mind.

The good news, it’s not difficult to adjust the purpose to suit your needs. All it takes is a little modern thinking and considering the following pointers.

An Old Home For Your Modern Family

Check the foundations

Before you can even move in, you need to check that the foundations are solid. For the most part, housing foundations haven’t changed over the years. But, you could face issues with rotting wood, infestations, and other problems. Before you buy, you should get a survey carried out for this exact reason. But, even if the property passes, there could be small niggles which need addressing. It’s crucial you fix these as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll put the safety of your family at risk.


You’ll also find that you need to upgrade certain aspects of your home. Old windows, for example, are rarely enough for modern needs. The glass used in the past was thinner than we’re used to. It could invite damp and condensation issues into the home. Bear in mind that any old windows could ruin the exterior of your authentic home. Instead, head to companies like Buckingham Double Glazing who offer residence 9 windows, which use timber to achieve a traditional look. Options like these will fit much better with the rest of the house.

You may also need to replace your boiler system. Old boilers are terrible for the environment and your bank account. There’s no denying that replacements can be costly, but it’s a move which could save you money in the long run.

Repurpose rooms

It’s also worth bearing in mind that room uses were often different in old house designs. For example, it wasn’t unusual to have both a summer and winter living room. Plus, there could be various dining areas for entertaining guests. These are traditions we don’t necessarily keep anymore. But, by repurposing some of these rooms, you could make this the ideal family home.  One of the living rooms, for example, would make the perfect play area for your kids to enjoy. You could transform any unnecessary dining spaces into studies or libraries. Your kids could even use them to do their homework. All you need to do is get creative and consider modern uses for the old layout. In no time, you’ll have a house fit for the most modern family.