Kitting Out Your Home

There are so many things that you could kit your home out with. So much so that you could probably become a self confessed hoarder pretty damn quick! But whilst we don’t want you to get too carried away, there are certain items that you can add to your home that will kit it out nicely. Things that you’re probably going to need, rather than the ones you want. You’ll never stop needing new things, and you’ll never stop wanting new things. So pace yourself, and buy items one thing at a time. So many people buy items in bulk, and hate the fact that they’ve got no money. Don’t let that person be you, buy some of the items that we’re going to list one by one, and make sure that you’re always spending responsibly.

Kitting out your home

New Appliances

For a homeowner, getting some new appliances is always an exciting affair. You usually only consider getting a new one when the old one has packed in, but sometimes it is nice to just have a little refresh just so you’re keeping up to date with the times. Something that all women love is a new oven. It’s like getting a new phone for a child, or a new car for a man. It’s just something fresh and exciting, and it always somehow spurs us on to want to cook the best meals. If you do get one, you’re going to need gas oven installation. Some companies who you will purchase the appliance of can do it for you, but you might be better off going third party if you want it cheaper. The same goes for things like a washing machine or dishwasher. They all need to be connected properly to prevent any leaks. Fridges are easy enough to do yourself, and if you were to get one of them, we highly recommend that you get an American style fridge freezer. They’re just so cool, and offer up so much more space.

New Technology

New technology is always exciting, it can add so much to your home in terms of fun. If we’re talking tech, we’re going to have to talk TV’s. There are soo many out there that you can enjoy, and so many that will give you a different type of experience. We highly recommend that you go 3D. You can get so many films that are 3D supported now, and the viewing you’ll be able to get is just so cool. You might also like something like the Amazon Echo. It’s a good little sound system that also couples up as a handy little helper. If you need to set an alarm, it’s there for you to talk to. Need to make a list, just simply say it outloud! You can purchase them as a single, or as a pair. In a pair you can have music playing both up and downstairs, or you can have them playing their own individual bits of music. It’s just a nice little way of keeping up to date with technology.

Warmer and Wealthier this Winter


It’s starting to get cold and for many of us in this country, that means a lot more time spent feeling chilly and much bigger fuel bills than at the rest of the year. It doesn’t have to!

Here are some simple things you can do to ensure that you’re warmer and wealthier this winter:

Feathers are Your Friend

If you can, investing in goose feather duvets for every member of your family is a good idea. Although they might be a little more expensive than your average duvet, they are many times warmer, and they will enable you to use your heating less, at night, at least. They’ll also last you for a few winters, so they will pay for themselves and more, and more importantly, you will be cosy when you retire for the evening.    

Become a Curtain King or Queen

You might think that curtains are there for nothing more than privacy and show, but they are actually a very useful tool in regulating room temperature. During winter, you should open all of your curtains and blinds during the day, to make the most of the free warmth provided by the sun. In the evenings you should close them to add some extra insulation around the windows, which are, of course, one of the biggest areas for heat loss.

Turn on a Timer

If you have a boiler with a timer (you probably do), the Centre for Sustainable Energy says that it is a good idea to set the boiler to turn on around half an hour before you wake, but at a lower temperature than you would usually set it. They say that this is a more affordable way of heating your home to a standard that keeps you cosy.

Move Your Furniture


If you have furniture resting up against your radiator, even if it’s your sofa, you’ll feel warmer and pay less money for your heating, if you move it away. Why Because your furniture will absorb a lot of the available heat, meaning it never reaches you or the rest of the room – you’ll literally be wasting money if you leave your furniture in the way!

Layer Up

Of course, one of the most cost-effective ways to warm yourself up is by dressing for the weather. The best way to dress for cold weather is undoubtedly by layering up. Why? Not only because the more layers you have, the warmer you’ll naturally be, but because layers trap air and air is a natural insulator – it’s a no-brainer!

Block Draughts

It’s obvious, but it’s worth mentioning because many people don’t bother to use draught excluders or fill in cracks in their home before winter sets in, but doing so is a simple way to increase warmth and cut down on energy usage within any home.

With these tips in your arsenal, you can beat winter at its own game by staying warm and keeping your utility bills down, which means more money in the bank come spring sprucing time!

Working Around Refitting A Cosy Kitchen

Everyone loves a good cosy kitchen; somewhere we can be warmed by the stove, heat up some healthy and hearty soup, and have a good natter in a breakfast nook with our friends and family. Sound picturesque? It should! However, it doesn’t have to be as much of a dream as you think, as some kitchen fittings are a lot cheaper than others, and we can often just switch out some of the decorations to make the whole place look the way we want it to.

Because something is a little past orientated doesn’t mean they can’t look a little luxury! Try out a few of these ideas if you want to make your kitchen seem more enclosed and cosy around you, and have a better time when it comes to serving up the evening meal.


Look Around Charity Shops

Your local heart foundation or Oxfam shop are going to have plenty of furniture pieces for you to invest in, and often at a quarter of the original price. Any pieces you can buy from here, such as tables, chairs, and sideboards, can be repainted to give them more of a glossy look, whilst still being industrial and cozy.

This gives the place a sense of your grandma’s cute and cosy kitchen with her aga, or the industrious, hard working families we see all the time in those period dramas. Use any tables you find as a movable island counter, and places some barstools or chairs around one side to make it more functional whilst still giving yourself manoeuvrability. A sideboard placed against a bare wall can act as a focal point, and is a good place to store the gold plated cutlery ready for the New Year’s Eve meal.

You can even mix and match traditional and contemporary to make your kitchen look good warm and cute at the same time. Designers like that of have shown how well these pieces work together!

Do Away with Your Cabinets

Overhead cabinets can be a bit of a problem when you’re of the taller variety. Are you the kind of person who’s constantly banging their head on the doors when they’re open? Maybe you just hate the restricting element of cupboard space? Then maybe this option is for you.

Instead of using cupboards, replace them with some shelving, which you can of course paint, and store all your jars and crockery out in the open. Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing move to make, it also means you’ll never forget about the packet of pasta which you accidentally end up buying double of, and means the plates are kept clean and shiny for use whenever; you can get yourself easily into some better habits this way!

Hang Your Pans Overhead

Having an island space is one thing, but having a hanging island over the top of that is another! It’s a great use of open space that keeps storage out of the way whilst still being reachable and helping the cosy element. Just imagine the sprigs of parsley or lavender you could string down from it, ready to just grab and spice up a few of your homemade creations.

Look for Bronze Sink Fittings

Okay, so the idea of a bronze sink doesn’t fly well with a lot of modern designs, however, it’s cozy and traditional, and just finishes off the perfect look for your old timey cookhouse. It adds plenty of charm to your room, and they’re also incredibly easy to clean without scrubbing away any of the finish.

When we think of 19th century stately homes, and the kitchens that work full time underneath castles, we think of bronze sinks. If you like this picture in your head, it might be time to look into your sink options, and start washing the dishes in style. Search sites such as for a full range of taps, sinks, and the like, right at your fingertips. The modern works in our favour when the ease of shopping online comes into it!

So it turns out it’s quite easy! You don’t have to completely fork out for a new kitchen, as a bit of good monochrome wallpaper, or neutral tones on your cabinets and fridge door can go far. Throw a good cotton tablecloth over your island table, paint a bit of white over the backs of those second hand oak chairs, and you’ve got yourself a little throw of luxury in your cosy, functional kitchen.

Christmas 2017 At Tatton Park


Tis’ soon the season to embrace the festive spirit and where better to celebrate Christmas than in the magical grounds of Tatton Park? Known for its family offering and Christmas traditions, we’ve pulled together the top events for this December.

Father Christmas at the Farm For the believers in all of us, Father Christmas at the Farm lets visitors meet not only Father Christmas himself but his reindeers Prancer and Dancer.

Tickets are available at £7.00 for adults and £6.50 for children (including a gift).Dates and times:⦁ Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 November – 11am until 4pm⦁ Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 December – 11am until 4pm⦁ Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 December – 11am until 4pm⦁ Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 December – 11am until 4pm⦁ Saturday 23 December – 11am until 4pm

The Twelve Days of Christmas at The MansionA magical place all year round, the Mansion will have an added sparkle this Christmas. Decorated with fresh foliage and greenery, it will be inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas with turtle doves, gold rings and ladies dancing. Music, laughter and secrets will weave through the grand state rooms and servants’ quarters with festive treats and seasonal craft and demonstrations on offer. Special Mansion ticket prices apply at £10 for adults and £6 for children.Dates:⦁ Tuesday 21st November to Sunday 3rd December⦁ Friday 8th to Sunday 10th December⦁ Friday 15th to Sunday 17th December⦁ Saturday 23rd December⦁ 11am until 4pm.


Northern Chamber Orchestra: 12 Days of Christmas Making a return as firm favourites, The Northern Chamber Orchestra will be performing their traditional concert in the Tenants’ Hall on Friday 8 December. Guests can expect to hear a mixture of popular classical music and festive tunes through the voices of the St Nicholas Catholic School, conducted by Helen McKenna. Visit the Tatton Park website to secure tickets.
Macclesfield Male Voice ChoirPresenting a programme of well-known male voice numbers and Christmas classics, the Macclesfield Male Voice Choir will be performing at Tatton Park on Saturday 9 December. Visit the Tatton Park website to secure tickets.

Christmas Carols in the StableyardA magical live band will be performing festive carols at Tatton Park on Saturday 23rd December. Warm up with a hot drink and don’t forget to pick up those last minute gifts in the Stableyard. Complete the festive fun with a visit the Farm and Mansion for a truly magical Christmas experience.
To find out more information about Christmas events at Tatton Park, visit:

Moving Made Easy

Moving Made Easy

Whether you’re moving across the road or moving abroad, there are plenty of things to look forward to.  It’s a clean slate, a fresh start, and it opens up a whole host of new opportunities and experiences such as new friends, new neighbours or even a new job.

Unfortunately, there is also some stress involved, and it begins before you’ve even started packing.  There’s finding a reliable estate agent, managing your finances, and choosing the perfect location to worry about to begin with and the stress multiplies once you delve beneath the surface.  Nevertheless, a problem shared is a problem halved, and the same applies to stress. To ensure your moving experience is a fun, exciting and positive day, consider hiring a removal company to take some of the strain.

Choose a company that has ample experience with every aspect of home removals to ensure the transition runs as smoothly as possible. Parking up in a van can be difficult and potentially hazardous if it’s not something you have done before, so hiring a company that has van driving experience along with other expertise could prove wise. You might be leaving your old home behind, but loading up a van takes time, and you don’t want to enrage your soon-to-be ex-neighbours by blocking access to their houses for hours on end!

Following on from this, you must always have a contingency plan. Moving house is a process to which Murphy’s Law is particularly applicable; if something can go wrong, the chances are that it will. For example, if it turns out that you can’t move into your new house at the time you expected, many removal firms also have storage facilities.  This means you can keep all your possessions safe and in one place until you’re ready to start your new life.

Another benefit to using a shipping or removal company is shipping insurance, which is another possible defence against Murphy’s Law. If you have shipping insurance, you are covered for a number of risks including loss of belongings or damage.

Whether you need help with the heavy lifting, transportation or a place to store your valuables for a few days, preparation and planning are key. Moving house can never be entirely without stress, but nor should it be a thankless chore. To ensure that your day is more exciting than stressful choose your local removal firm for that extra helping hand.