Giving Your Rooms The Wow Factor

We all do our best to ensure that our homes are clean tidy and tastefully appointed, but we also want them to serve as a physical embodiment of who we are and what we like. It needs to reflect our taste and that idiosyncratic sense of style. Your guests need to feel as though they are walking through a manifestation of your personality rendered in plaster, timber, brick and mortar. Thus, while it should reflect our modest and tasteful side, there should be at least one room in the house that shows off the flamboyant and extroverted side that you maybe keep under wraps in front of most of your friends and work colleagues but that only the truly privileged who are closest to you get to see. To show this slightly more decadent, impulsive and wanton side, you need to take some risks in your design aesthetic. Only by doing this can you give a room the wow factor.


Wow factor

What is the wow factor?

The wow factor is exactly what it says on the tin, something that makes guests literally stop and gasp in disbelief. Most of us have homes full of things that are… nice. Nice is nice, but it does not bring the wow factor! The same principle can be applied to the way you dress. Most of us have a very particular type of garment in mind when we go shopping, and this is defined by our personal taste and what we think people generally expect us to wear. Thus, we make a lot of safe choices. There’s nothing wrong with them and they look good on you, but they don’t turn heads. But a good tip to bear in mind is that you should always try on at least one thing that scares you every time you go shopping. It might be a little more daring than how you’d usually dress, it may be a bolder color or it may be a type of garment than you’d usually consider. It’s these risky choices, the scary choices that bring the wow factor. Even though your first reaction may be “nope, not for me”, it’s these items that we find ourselves reaching for every time we feel like something a little special.

Use juxtaposition

Just as you wouldn’t expect every item on every hanger in your wardrobe to be one of the bolder, scarier statement pieces that we just discussed, nor too should every room in your home contain a statement piece. The wow factor is borne of juxtaposition, and can only work when combined strategically with more conservative elements of your decor. This is what will allow them to pop. You can achieve this by juxtaposing quiet colours with loud, light with dark or soft textures with rough, plain with patterns but it’s in this effect that your statement piece will be allowed to truly shine in the eyes of your guests. Fortunately, 2018’s spring design trends are full of ways to help you do this, and it can even add value to your home.

Invest in wow!

The wow factor inevitably comes at a price, but if it helps, look at this as an investment. If you think you may be selling your home at some point in the near future, a statement piece can capture the imagination of prospective buyers. If you decide that the best wow factor would lie in a renovation of the kitchen or bathroom or even the addition of a conservatory or loft conversion you may find that it not only makes your home more appealing but adds significant resale value.

Statement walls

Your walls are a canvas upon which you can be as expressive as you like. One of the best ways to make a bold statement is with a statement wall. The beauty of this is that you can be as bold with it as you like. If you’re feeling conservative you could simply opt for a wall with a different coloured paint or even a darker or lighter shade that compliments the surrounding wall. This can really pop if you hang some art on the wall (more about that shortly). You could go for a textures wall covering like a textured wallpaper or even loft effect tiles. You can opt for a huge mural, visit and transform your entire wall into a work of art. Or you could go for something more abstract like a statement design wallpaper. Geometric shapes are huge this year and so versatile that they can add a classy sense of mathematical intrigue to any home.

wow factor

Art pieces

Wall art is great because it adds a much needed focal point to a room, around which the rest of the room’s aesthetic can be based. The right piece can really pull a room together while also setting the tone and mood. It can, however, be tricky marrying your artistic sensibilities with the function of the room. Choose your piece wisely, and think about the following when selecting and displaying it;

  • Don’t hang the piece anywhere where it will clash with other design elements.
  • Consider the size of the piece carefully, don’t crowd it with other art of photo frames.
  • Centre it at eye level; this will vary depending on whether you’ll be spending most of your time in the room sitting or standing.
  • Consider how it will interact with the room’s lighting. If the piece is in a glass frame, will this reflect light away from itself?

It’s all done with mirrors

Mirrors are wonderfully versatile. Not only can they make a room look bigger and create an illusion of air and space, they can also make a bold statement, especially if you’re able to invest in a large wall mirror or even a judiciously placed freestanding mirror.

Have it all with ombre

Can’t decide between two colours and / or shades? You can have it all with ombre! Ombre comes and goes in interior design, but it’s really taking off this spring. The beauty of ombre is that it can be incorporated in a number of ways depending on how ready you are to commit to it. If you want to play it safe, you can incorporate it into a statement vase, a prominent lampshade or a hanging print or even in your curtains and bedding. If you want to go all out and put it on a wall here’s how you’d go about it.

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