5 Great Hobbies That Stood the Test of Time

If somebody asks you what the purpose of your life is, you will have a flashback to periods of your life, your family and friends, but your mind will also to go a hobby that played a significant role in your life. That’s the power of a hobby.

Hobbies are things that bring you joy, calm and sometime you can turn them in to serious money making sidelines. There are few hobbies that have stood the test of time and there is reason for it. Here are some of the most popular:



This is maybe the most talked about hobby ever… but tell you what, it deserves all the praise it is getting (for hundreds of years, actually).

The thirst for knowledge can never be satisfied, and if you are someone who is satisfied with the limited experience he/she has, then you should know that intellect has an appeal of its own. Besides, the more you read, the more you start to understand the world and get a creative imagination. This increased general knowledge and impromptu understanding will be helpful in scoring jobs and promotions for you later in life. From hydroponics to pythagoras theorem – there are endless things to read about.


Music is quick. It is fun, and there is a lot of it for you to explore. Check out a couple of old records from the 60s when modern music was given shape, check out the inspiration of later musicians, and make it a part of your life which is not just something you listen to when you’re travelling or partying.

Call it musical academia, except that there is no teacher involved (and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing). If you don’t want to spend out on lessons, hit youtube for some free tutorial.


Writing is an art form. You can do it for fun, for therapy, for others to read, to sell or to make something memorable. Once you get started it can become very difficult to remember a time when your first instinct after experiencing something wasn’t to just write it down. It is relatively cheap too.


Have you ever heard of the retail therapy? The purpose of hobbies is to keep you occupied in all states of your mind, and this is why shopping can be excellent therapy for you. This is one that costs perhaps more than the others, but people who are avid shoppers have a natural sense of saving when they shop.

So, the next time somebody describes you as a shopping freak don’t forget to say thanks!



20 years ago, if you wanted to do photography, then you might have been blocked by the money factor. But today, with a decent phone, you can start off your career as a personal photographer. Start taking a picture in your backyard and one day you will own a professional page on Instagram, and your following will speak for why this hobby is incredible!