Help Me!! I Am Growing Old!!

A sign of getting older is that your joints start to ache slightly more than normal… in that case my age must have caught up with recently… and then some!

I have never felt my age more than I do at the moment due to all my aches and pains. Weird really as even though I have flubber, I do go to them gym and walk my dog daily amongst chasing after an active 5 year old and other household chores.

My ankle is playing up at the moment more than ever, howeverI am putting this down to the fact I am sitting cross legged more often… on the bed, on the couch… in fact, generally anywhere it is possible to sit cross legged, something I rarely did as a kid as it gave me pins and needles. A few years ago… an accident that wasn’t an accident, lead  me to skidding on ice and twisting over on my ankle in a sort of semi cartwheel. I heard the bone crack… I felt the bone crack… then I crumbled to the floor in absolute agony. My bottom met the ice, in the middle of the entrance/exit to a car park. Could I be moved? Could I heck! I literally did know how to make an entrance that night!!

Something that I have noticed more and more frequently is due to typing constantly over many years, whether down to study, work or blogging my fingers and hands get ridiculously cold. Considering the speed at which I type, I find it very strange, but after a quick online medical diagnosis, it could quite possibly be vibration white finger (see the infographic below courtesy of Johnson Law). Now I do not operate pneumatic drills or anything like that but it is also down to Repetitive Strain Injury.

Just another ailment to add to my already growing list… I had better stop self diagnosing at some point… the internet may actually turn around and tell me I am sane..! Check out Sim’s Life for other posts!