What’s The Best Interior Decor For Your Age?

If you’ve heard the saying to ‘behave one’s age’ before, you won’t be surprised to know that your home interior should also reflect the interests of your generation. Ultimately, while it might seem a little unfair to limit your interior decor to a generational cliché, there is no denying that homeowners naturally obey this unspoken rule. If you remember the living room of your grandparents, it’s fair to say that it probably was already vintage when you were a child, as a result of having not renewed their furniture and decor in decades.

Of course, you will still find homeowners who have chosen a style that doesn’t quite match their age – such as people who own an old house and want to keep a natural feel to the decor, or bed and breakfast runners who prefer to create a unique and quirky interior – but it’s fair to say that each generation naturally follows the trends of their ages. Is there anything wrong with it? The answer is no. But it’s crucial you understand that going with the flow will also be easier and smoother than working against it. What’s the best choice in interior decor based on your age? Here are some inspiring ideas for you.

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Minimum effort, maximum result: Generation X

You’ll find that generation X has an eye for an interior statement as part of their decor. The reasoning for a statement element is quite simple. Generation X was the last generation to be able to afford a home at an early point in life – contrary to Millennials who are often seen to rent a place until late in their 30s. As a result, it’s easy to see that the home sweet home can begin to feel a little dull, especially if you’ve already spent 20 years in the same place. While redecorating can be expensive, generation X homeowners have opted for an elegant and time-saving solution by creating an accent. A couple of large accessories can do the trick to attract the eye and change the atmosphere in the room. Another common choice is to paint a statement wall in a bright and vibrant colour. You’ll be surprised to see how much difference a colourful wall can make in a room! You can also gradually introduce patterns into your decor, such as using motif cushions in the living room, for instance, to renew the interior with minimum effort.

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Maximise the entertainment design: Millennials and Generation X

Entertainment can be a major part of your interior style, as the Generation X and Y demonstrated when they first introduced video consoles into their living room. Can a PlayStation and a large TV screen be part of your decor? The answer is yes! Entertainment is more than a hobby, it is an integral part of your interior style. As a result, you’ll find that more and more homeowners of these generations are using their fun gear as stylish accessories. From creating a small indoor bar in the man’s cave with wine on tap for the entertainment of adults only to displaying your stereo system proudly on the central shelf in the lounge, the Generation X and the Millennials take their fun seriously. The preferred themes tend to be gaming, music and parties – there are even some people who have added a disco light into the lounge!

I click therefore I’m a homeowner: Millennials

Smart homes are a favourite for the generation who grew with the Internet technology, the Millennials. If their communication can be automated online, why couldn’t their home be the same? And, of course, there’s a myriad of smart tools to fulfil their needs. Home automation is, indeed, a thing. You can now control your home through the click of a button, or simply by using your voice. Amazon’s Alexa is so popular because it’s able to perform home maintenance functions while still engaging in fun banters! ‘Alexa, turn the heater up and tell me a joke, please.’ Through the Internet of Things, Millennials can also manage their home even when they’re not at home, from accessing video surveillance cameras to setting the temperature for their return from holidays.

Bring the green indoors: Generation X, Boomers and Millennials

All generations agree, though, that houseplants are good for the soul and the home. With more and more people living in heavily urban environments, plants have multiplied at home. In fact, plants have become such an essential part of the interior decor, that they are not an afterthought you put on the windowsill anymore. Plants are the decor. From creating a wall accent with vivid houseplants to using them as room dividers, green is the new trend. Besides, indoor plants are great to purify the air inside your home, which can create a relaxing and energetic place to find your balance at the end of the day.

Minimalism and simple tastes: Millennials

Modern architects have already acknowledged this trend: Millennials need and want less decor at home. In fact, as a result of the increasing costs of houses and flats, the Generation Y has embraced a minimalist interior style that focuses on the essential elements. Everything they own serves a purpose so that the space is decluttered and clean. The colour scheme is natural, in tones of white, grey, black, and wood, and the result is stunning. It is now well known that Millennials who live in town flats have embraced simplicity to the point of rejecting the living room, which, in their eyes, is a room that doesn’t serve any valuable purpose.

My door to the past: Boomers and Generation X

There’s finally a last kind of decor that is trendy among older generations, which is the true vintage interior. For Baby Boomers, it’s fair to say that their vintage items were once dead on trend but have grown old with the homeowners. Ye olde leather chair that has seen better days has an appealing and pleasing charm. It is rich in stories from the past. As for the Generation X, the idea of vintage is the kind of things you’d find at an antique fair, from 1950s chairs to wooden wardrobes. Why buy old? Because it’s classy and elegant!

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From a click to your grandfather’s chair, from monochromatic interiors to vibrant, colourful accents, each style suits a generational need. The question is: What do you expect from your interior?