Light and Bright: The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Family Dining Room

Are you a family that uses their dining room only for special occasions like Christmas and Birthdays, or a household that eats at the table every single mealtime? Well, whichever category you fall into I’m sure you will agree that getting the look and feel of the dining room is a high priority. How can you do this? Well, read our ultimate guide below for some tips on creating a light and bright family dining room in which everyone will want to hand out.

family dining room


If a light and bright space is your goal, then it’s crucial to pay attention to the windows, and the natural light they let into your dining room space. If you’re lucky enough to have full-length picture windows, then it’s best to make the most of these and only have curtains at the windows rather than nets, as this will allow in the most light and make the room seem spacious.

It is also vital to remember that when hanging curtains they should be fixed above and to the side of the windows rather than on the top edge and into where the glass frame is, as this can make the room feel darker.

Also, remember that if you have smaller windows in your dining room, then you may struggle to let in as much natural light as you would like. Of course, following the curtain hanging tip above can help, but you may wish to use other tactics to make the room seem as light and bright as possible.

One of these strategies is to ensure that the light is not blocked from the outside, so trim down any bushes or flowers that are infringing on the window space.

Also, the colour of the wall that you paint your room will have a considerable effect on how bright it seems, no matter what the size of the window. With this in mind, using a bright, light-reflecting white colour is an excellent move. You can even lighten things up a little more by picking a bold tone like yellow, pink, or orange on the wall that receives the most light. Such a tone will then reflect more light into the rest of the room and give this illusion that it is a brighter space.

Open plan

Another way to maximise the light in your dining room area is to make your space open plan. Open plan is when walls between different section of the home are removed, and this can be a partially useful tactic here because light from other areas and windows can travel unbroken into the dining room space.

family dining room

Open plan spaces allows light to reach the dining room from other areas.

Knocking through a wall to make your dining space open plan can be hard work though. In particular, you must check that none of the walls you are removing are load bearing before you get started. Otherwise, you can affect the structural integrity of your house, making it unsafe and lowering its value.

However, it is worth noting that an open plan space can also work well for family living, as when the kids are doing their homework or art projects at the table, you can supervise them from the kitchen or lounge and still feel like you are spending time together as a family.


Obviously, the furniture that you pick for your light and bright dining room is essential as well. To that end, it is worth shopping around for the perfect table and chair that compliments not only your colour scheme but also fit in with your brightness goals.

In particular, finding a table that is white as well chair to match is the right call. You can even get custom made dining chairs created where you select the wood colour and the fabric to keep things as light as possible. Something that can add to the overall feeling of space and light for which you are searching.


Lastly,  to create a successful light and bright room lighting is an essential consideration. The styles and types of lights that you pick for your space will depend on a variety of things, but don’t be afraid to combine different lights to get the effect that you want.

Yes, most dining rooms will have a central light in the middle of the room, but remember that you do not have to go for a single fitting here. In fact, you can get a great effect from using alternative types of lighting like a chandelier instead.

family dining room

Also be sure to include uplighters and even orb style table lamps in shelving areas, and dark corner of the room, as this will ensure the entire space is as light, bright, and pleasant for your family get-together’s and mealtimes as possible.