Getting Ready For a First Date

I am quite meticulous when it comes to planning a date… what to wear, what to go, more importantly who actually to meet.

Being a busy, work at home, single mum my time is precious and I simply cannot just drop what I am doing to meet a man on a spontaneous whim unfortunately.

Though I digress! When it comes to getting ready, I try to plan for a week in advance (this is obviously taking into consideration that the date is a week in advance!) and will know exactly what I am wearing for any eventuality.

Jeans are always a staple in my wardrobe. They can easily be dressed up or down, ready for any occasion. More importantly I love my jeans and feel ridiculously comfy in them. Feeling comfortable will help you feel at ease and this will be conveyed through your body language. Wear an outfit you would not normally wear and you will be very self conscious.

Jewellery, such as the reasoning behind feeling at ease with what you are wearing, if you do not tend to wear jewellery, do not go for the bling look. I tend to keep it to a minimum with the exception of a time piece… not something I wear on daily basis, my watch is a definite special occasion piece. It’s always good to keep a track of how long you have been on the date, always leave them wanting more! If this has given you the urge to buy a new watch then have a look at The Watch Hut for inspiration!

Scent. The phrase more is less certainly comes into play here. It’s best not to spray too much scent on yourself as you certainly do not want your date choking on your fragrance before they can actually see you. Certainly one way to leave a lasting impression, so keep it light and breezy and don’t feel forced to wear a fragrance if this is not something you usually do.

Going out there and having fun is the main point of any date. I’ve certainly had my fair share of memorable first dates… even if it does not go well, it will certainly make for fantastic gossip between friends!

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