Warming Up With A Winter Holiday

Is it just me, sitting here at the moment, staring at the temperature gauge but not actually turning it any higher?

Gosh you can tell it is coming up to Winter now and our short summer is well and truly over, it is freezing and the Heat Holder blanket is most definitely out and keeping myself and my mini me warm! Even the dog gets a look in sometimes!

The thought of hailing a taxi to the airport simply with passports only and asking for a plane ticket on the next plane out of here is so appealing you would not believe. Heading to a warmer climate right now would be perfect, though knowing my luck, I would be given a ticket to Greenland!

Whilst having one of my may Google breaks (I love procrastination!) I found this great little City Break guide from Travelzoo which helps you decide on which city you’d want to visit based on temperature, prices and blogger recommendations…I am still choosing but where would you go?

Travelzoo City Planner.