Decor Elements Every Rustic-Inspired Room Needs

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Rustic decor is very much in right now. You will notice that whenever you flick through all the latest interior design magazines – you’ll notice cute country kitchens and cottage-style living rooms. Adding lots of rustic-inspired design and decor elements will help to create a super comfy room, one in which you will feel exceptionally cosy in.

Ready to makeover a room and make it a lot more rustic? Here are some decor elements that you will need to include.

A Fireplace

Is there anything more cosy than a fireplace? I don’t think so! But fireplaces aren’t just great sources of warmth and comfort; they also make great focal points in a room. So, whenever you have guests over, their attention will be directed to the fireplace as soon as they step into the room.

Wooden Furniture

Oak furniture features in many rustic rooms as it is an easy way of bringing some natural touches into the design. Natural materials are key in any country inspired room, so lots of wooden furniture is a great addition. It’s a good idea to invest in some top-quality oak pieces as they will look great and last a very long time.

Natural Carpets And Rugs

Another way to keep your rustic rooms looking as natural as possible is to bring in some rugs and carpets that are made from natural materials. Even though the majority of carpets are still produced using synthetic materials, it is still possible to find some natural ones for very reasonable prices. The types of materials you want to look out for are sisal, seagrass, and jute.

White Walls

Most rustic-inspired rooms feature very minimal colours. Rather than going for bold shades like dark reds or bright purples, you should keep things as light as possible. If you need to add some colour, stick to pale pastels. Ideally, though, you should try and stick to white walls wherever possible.

Beamed Ceilings

If you are able to, you should open up the ceilings in all of your rustic rooms to expose their beams. This is very typical of rooms in country houses and period properties. It’s also a nice idea to strip away any paint from the beams to expose their original woodwork. In fact, you should try and add some expose woodwork to as much of your room as possible, not just the ceilings!

Found Objects

It’s also a nice idea to add some found objects as ornamental pieces. This will be an especially nice touch if your rustic room is inspired by the sea as there are lots of found pieces that you can pick up at the beach. For example, dried seaweed and driftwood are great decor touches to any room.

Different Textures

To ensure that your whole interior design is interesting, you should mix up the textures that you use. One cool idea is to juxtapose rough materials, like jute and driftwood features with some smooth surfaces and materials, like marble and silk.

Your rustic-inspired room certainly won’t disappoint!

Adding a Touch of Class to A Modern Home

Have you ever visited an old stately home? Even those that have been modernised and include new furniture and decoration scream luxury and class. As soon as you walk through the door, you feel decadence and glamour. You’re walking into a home where things happen. A part of history is laid out in front of you.

Of course, very few people live in stately homes today. But, that class doesn’t have to be confined to those select few. Think back over the years, to the homes of relatives when you were younger. Filled with artwork, heirlooms and statement pieces. Even the smaller homes had some class. It’s not always about money after all.

However, that class is easy to lose in a modern home as we go for white space and minimalism. How do we get the classy look and feel when we are trying to keep things clean and white? Let’s take a look at some easy ways to add class to your modern home.



There are a few different ways that you can add texture to your décor. You can include wall hangings, rugs, soft furnishings and fluffy carpets. This can add class, style and comfort to your home. Making is a place you can easily relax and ideal for welcoming guests. A house filled with texture is friendly and welcoming, it reflects a warm nature and is ideal for a house with a family.



Leather works well with texture to add both class and depth to a room. What’s classier or more decadent than a large leather sofa in a focal position in the room? Check out a Chesterfield sofa sale to find some affordable luxury for your home.



Mirrors are such an easy way to add glamour to a room. They make people think of the stars of stage and screen, or of glamourous locations and beautiful people. While also making a room look bigger. Add some larger mirrors to the wall furthest from the door to give the space an extended appearance.



One thing that stands out in large, expensive homes is often the artwork. Some of those old stately homes look more like art galleries than houses. You can quickly bring this same artist class into a modern home without resorting to paying a fortune for dated self-portraits or buying the works of great masters. Instead, buy cheaper prints of art your love, or large photographs of places that are important to you and have them well framed.



White space is great. It makes a room look large and clean and can help you to feel relaxed and alert. But, it doesn’t always look classy. Art will cheer it up, but you could also add some contrast. Add a dark colour to highlight the light. You could do this on a feature wall or with your furniture and accessories.

Even if you live in a modern cookie cutter home, the same as 50 others on your estate, you can easily make it classy and glamorous with some decadent touches.

Modernising Your Home So You Can Fall In Love With It Even More

While many of us love the idea of living in an old home, with a roaring fire and that sense of comfort, modernising your home can actually give off the same effect, yet add more class and style to your home. Minimalistic designs are very much trending at the moment, and it’s easier than you think to achieve. Here’s how you can modernise your home so that you can fall in love with it even more.



Modernised homes tend to concentrate more on the artwork that’s on display rather than the colour or pattern of your walls. Consider sticking to a neutral theme when it comes to colours and concentrate more on what you’re putting onto your walls to make more of a statement. This can range from large and luxurious mirrors, to sleek fireplaces and artwork from local artists. Whatever interests you could be incorporated too. You will of course, need the right tools for hanging your artwork, or fitting funky shelves. You can get all of the power tool accessories from Bryson that you would ever need at a reasonable price.


One thing you’ve probably already noticed about modern styled homes is that they’re very clean and airy. This is because no clutter or personal belongings are on display; therefore making it look like a showhome. You could build some storage shelves as part of your decor and store all of your personal belongings in there and keep your home free of clutter. Also, a clutter-free home will help with creativity as there’s nothing distracting you from working.


Who says that just because you’re going for a minimal design that comfort should be eliminated from the process? You can now get your hands on sofas, plush rugs, scatter cushions and recliners that will totally fit the part in your home. It’s always a good idea to have some sort of image in your mind on the furniture that you’d like so that when you’re furniture shopping you can concentrate on finding the perfect pieces for your home.


Lighting plays a big part on how a room feels as you enter it. If in the day there isn’t much natural light, it’s unlikely that you will want to spend much time in that room. While small windows are difficult to do anything about, adding the right lighting into the room will help solve your problems. Spotlights can create an incredible amount of light yet still look stylish. Also at night, you could set the ambience a little lower with lamps around your home; therefore making each room cosier in the evening while still having all the style you want.

Consider these ideas when modernising your home so that you can love your home even more than you already do. Remember with jobs that require electrical or gas work, it’s always best to let a professional do the work to prevent any risk of you harming yourself.

Add These 6 Things For a More Communal Family Home

Do you feel like your family is falling a little short when it comes to spending time together and communicating effectively? It’s hardly an uncommon problem, but it’s a problem that can be solved and dealt with. One of the best ways to tackle this head on is to make your family a home a more communal space. That will mean everyone is at ease and able to communicate more effectively.

So, how do you turn your family home into a communal space? Here are 6 of the things that you need to add to your home in order to make that kind of change and reap the rewards.

  1. Make Things More Casual and Relaxed

First of all, you should work on the kind of atmosphere in your home. You want it to be the kind of place where everyone can be casual and relaxed. Each member of your family should feel like they can be themselves. Work on this by changing the way you communicate and interact with one another. A casual setting and feeling in the family home will provide you with the basis on which you can later build, and that has to be positive.

  1. Open Up Spaces

It’s a good idea to start opening up the spaces available to your in your home as well. This might not seem like a big deal right now, but when you have a more open environment, things will feel less crowded. You don’t want your family to feel like they’re always on top of one another because that’s not productive. People need to have room for themselves within the family setting. Opening up the living area is a good place to start, and try to make your overall home design more minimalist to reduce crowding.

  1. Start Using Your Dining Room More

Your dining room can become the hub of your family home if you want it to. If you ask me, it’s one of the most underrated rooms in the home. This is where your family can come together first thing in the morning to eat breakfast together. And you can all eat together in the evening there too. Invest in a good dining table and some chairs, and then start using your dining room as a family more often. It should become a regular thing; it will eventually be the place where your family does a lot of communicating together.

  1. Make Space for Everyone

There needs to be space for everyone in your home if you’re going to have that communal feeling. Do what you can to make everyone feel like they have a place in your home. That can be done emotionally and practically within the space of your home. In the end, you’re never going to make your family a home a completely happy place if people feel excluded or left out of what happens there. It’s always possible to make changes, so get to work thinking about what your family should be doing differently to become more inclusive.

  1. Let in the Light

It might seem like a strange thing to suggest, but adding more light to your home could be a really good way to make your home feel more open and friendly. It’s hard to create a friendly and productive atmosphere in your home when it’s always feeling dark and dingy. That’s not the kind of setting anyone wants to be living in. So, do more to let natural light into your home. That could mean rearranging your furniture, trimming tree branches or changing your window dressings. You should also improve the artificial light in your space too.

  1. Get Creative Together

Families should always be looking for ways to get creative together. When you add more of a creative spark to your family home, it will mean that everyone is able to have a good time together. But it’s not just about having fun. Being creative can also be a fantastic way of expressing emotions, and the more your family gets used to doing that together, the better your family dynamic will become. Creativity can take all forms, from playing music to building things with lego. Whatever you, just make sure you emphasise the importance of creativity.


The family home should always be a place where everyone feels comfortable. And it shouldn’t be separated off into spaces where people isolate themselves. For a strong and cohesive family, make your family home more communal with the ideas listed above.

10 Creative Ways To Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

To have a luxurious home, you don’t have to have the most money. All you have to do is be creative. There are so many ways you can be more creative and make your home look luxurious if that’s the sort of decor you crave.

Read on for 10 creative ways to make your home look more luxurious:

  1. Use More Texture

Texture is key to creating a more luxurious look in the home. Adding plenty of texture will help you to make each room look more inviting and touchable. Choosing various textures that match your decor is a smart move that will stop your home from looking dull, too. Professionals always add texture to add interest. Add texture with cushions, throws, rugs, and more. Layer it all up too! No home ever looked luxurious while bare and void of texture. Be smart.

  1. Make Sure You’re Using High Quality Materials

Using high quality materials is going to help you to get that luxurious look. You may be able to get a temporarily luxurious look with cheaper materials, but soon enough you’ll begin to see why they were so much cheaper. Richard Haworth has plenty of examples of the sort of quality you should be looking for. Make sure you think about your materials carefully and prioritise them when it comes to your budget. Use high quality linens, towels, and anything else you can budget for.

  1. Use Luxurious Colours

Some colours are considered to be more luxurious than others. For example, dark colours like purple are rich and can conjure up images of years gone by when everything was big and bold and fancy. Choose your colour scheme and stick with it. Just bear in mind that the size of the room you’re decorating can effect the colours you choose. If you have a small room, painting it too dark won’t make it look luxurious. Many modern day homes choose to go for neutral colours in this instance.

  1. Always Include Artwork

Art is included in every luxury household imaginable. Good news, though. You don’t have to get your hands on a Dali original to be a part of the gang. You can simply choose something you like the look of in a magazine, tear a piece of artwork right out and frame it. You could even commission a local artist to create something one of a kind for you. It’ll look awesome and you’ll pay a fraction of the price than people who go to auctions! Alternatively, if you’re a little creative, why not do it yourself?

  1. Attempt Minimalism

Minimalism is something many luxurious style home’s sport. Although they have the money to buy nice things, they don’t always have them on display. Minimalism can look far classier than having lots of stuff everywhere. Declare war on clutter. Go through your home and get rid of things that are cluttering the place up, or find a better place to put them. Get rid of any duplicates and be vigilant with this task.

  1. Include Brass

Different metals will make your home look full of texture and luxe. Brass, copper, and other metallics can all be used. Mix them together and see what you come up with!

  1. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

An assortment of different mirrors on one wall is a surefire way to up the luxe factor in any room, and even make it appear bigger. Get creative and see if you can make a focal point out of your mirrors.

  1. Splurge On Tailored Window Coverings

Another things you should splurge on if you have the budget; tailored window coverings. Your windows and curtains can make a huge difference to your home overall, so pay attention to them and make sure you get your measurements right.

  1. Add Paneling To Plain Walls

Adding narrow strips of molding to plain walls instantly adds more interest. It can give a super expensive and glam look that’s really easy to create yourself. Bear in mind that keeping things symmetrical will be the most aesthetically pleasing way to do it.

  1. Include Flowers

Fresh cut flowers are a must if you want a luxurious home. They can be placed anywhere; the kitchen counter, bedside table, anywhere you like. Artificial flowers can even be used if you don’t want to replace yours all the time. However, make sure they are good dupes!

Make your home look more luxurious with these 10 creative suggestions and see what happens! Leave your ideas below.