Recipe: Homemade Bacon and Mushroom Pasta

I’ve only really started to enjoy eating pasta the last couple of years. I always found it to be very bland, it could possibly have had something to do with how my mother made it! Though anyway, now I find myself happily sitting in front of the TV with a large pasta bowl, filled to the brim, comfort eating on it!

My 5 year old daughter has always been a tad fussy over pasta and if I have made it for myself, I have purposely made something different for her.

That was until I made a stunning homemade pasta sauce last week… needless to say both our bowls were empty and the cry for seconds could be heard!

As you can see it looked divine… but tasted even better! ūüôā


How did I make the delicious sauce?

With a pack of Bacon Lardons

Half an onion chopped up finely

A good handful of button mushrooms chopped up finely

Half a jar of M&S Tomato and Basil pasta sauce (I had to cheat as I realised I had no chopped tomatoes!)

Simply cook the bacon lardons in a skillet/pan/frying pan/whatever is to hand… after a good 5-10 mins add the onion and mushrooms. Cook together and you will already start to smell the amazing aroma. At this point I could have already eaten it all! After another 5 mins add the chopped tomatoes/pasta sauce and turn low for a good 15-20 mins, stirring occasionally.

Knowing the pasta takes around 12 mins I had already started to prepare this. Whenever I have watched Gino D’Acampo cook, he always states to add the pasta to the sauce and not the other way around. I followed his lead and was super impressed.

The meal was absolutely stunning, it certainly filled our bellies and was so quick and easy to make. Needless to say I do now have another pack of bacon lardons waiting to be used… it may solve my dinner problems for tonight!¬†Check out¬†Sim’s Life¬†for other posts!