How To Look After Your Health During Lockdown

Never has it been more important to look after your health and improve it. Whilst it maybe easy to simply ‘clock off’ during lockdown, being healthy helps your immune system. There are so many things you can do from home to ensure you and your family remain healthy during these uncertain times.

Stick to a routine

Sleep is important to helping boost immunity and ensuring your body is rested, however too much sleep can also be unhealthy! Try to stick to a routine of going to be around the same time each night and setting an alarm to rise in the morning. It’s easy to want to have a generous lie in, though too many lie in’s won’t help your health or your mental wellbeing.

How to look after yourself during lockdown

Exercise daily

Make use of the good weather by going for a walk as a household or even a bike ride. Getting out in the fresh air helps to blow away the cobwebs and makes you feel more refreshed, as well as increasing health levels.

If you aren’t able to make the time for a walk each day, add in some sets of squats, lunges or even planks whilst you are making a hot drink or even whilst waiting for dinner to cook. It’s easy to fall into sloth mode, especially with so much uncertainty, but keeping moving!

Eat healthy foods

Most of the UK turned to cake as soon as lockdown came into force. Comfort food was the way forward to survive the lockdown and whilst bingeing on carby foods was fun, clothes maybe a little tighter these days! It is important to remember incorporate 5 portions of fruit and vegetables into our daily meals to ensure intake of vitamins and minerals.

If you are prone to snacking, reach for fruit instead! If you are unable to enjoy time out in the sunshine, foods such as eggs, pork chops and salmon are a good source of Vitamin D.

Visiting the doctor

Surgeries are still operating, as ailments simply do not stop due to lockdown. If you find yourself in need of a doctor’s appointment, give them a call first as there will be set procedures in place that need to be followed. Your health, especially women’s health is seriously important and if you are feeling unwell, call your doctor’s surgery immediately!

Look after your oral health during lockdown

Keep brushing your teeth regularly

It’s important to maintain healthy teeth and gums by brushing teeth and using mouthwash regularly. As dentist surgeries are currently closed, only emergency dentists are available to treat any problems and there will be a wait for an appointment.

Be kind to yourself

There is no manual on how to cope with the feelings experienced whilst being in lockdown. Keep talking to people though, members of your household, speak with friends via a video calling app, write your thoughts in a journal, just do not think you are on your own. Be kind to yourself, remember some days will be better than others and try and relax when you can.