The Tools Every Gardener Should Own


Some people love gardening. It becomes their hobby and they spend many happy hours making their garden look perfect. Then there are those who would rather pay someone else to do it, and just sit back and enjoy their lovely space. Whether you do your garden yourself, or someone else does it for you, there are some tools that should be in your garden shed, ready for the work to begin.

Before you buy any tools, you should make sure they are the right fit for you. If anything is too heavy you could injure yourself, and if the handle is too long it could be very difficult to work with. Opt for tools with wooden or coated metal handles, as they are strong and durable but not too heavy.

Hand Rake

With a hand rake, you can clear away the leaves in autumn, rake any loose grass off your lawn after mowing and remove debris from around plants and trees without causing them any damage so that your garden always looks amazing. Buy a brightly coloured one so that it is easier to spot of it has been left lying ion the ground.



Shears are the best tool for trimming edges of lawns, cutting privet hedges back and clearing clumps of perennials. You can cut the gross around beds and tree trunks with them and if you buy long handled shears you will not have to bend to do any of your trimming tasks.

Hand Pruner

These can be used to cut back some of the woodier plants, such as roses. They are ideal for branches up to about three-quarters of an inch thick, and for cutting back bigger flowers.


Round Headed Shovel

Gardeners need one of these to dig holes for planting trees and shrubs, They will also use them for moving loose soil, gravel sand or compost.

Hand Weeder

This thin, sharp blade will help with weeding paths, as it can get between any slabs. The problem is that when the weeds are removed, ants tend to appear apparently from nowhere. Before you do this job it is a good idea to buy some Nippon Ant Killer, so you are prepared for anything you may find. Gardeners should always be prepared for everything.


Digging Fork

These are used for turning soil to cultivate it, for lifting bulbs, and for breaking up clods. They can also be useful if the ground is too hard for a shovel to dig a hole.

Gardeners Knife

A gardener’s knife can be a very useful tool and used for many different things. You can make holes in the soil for planting bulbs, and they are good for weeding. They are vital if you want to cut the roots of plants to divide them and are brilliant for scraping out moss and weed from those awkward corners and crevices.

Favourite Tools

All gardeners have their favourite tools, and good quality ones will last for years if they are properly looked after. You should always clean them after use, and oil any moving parts such as nuts and bolts.  In the winter months, ensure they are protected from damp, or they may go rusty and be no longer any use.