Turn Your Garden into a New ‘Room’


We tend to think of our homes as being within the confines of our walls but the garden is just as important a room as any other. It might not have a ceiling but with the right ideas, this can be seen as a huge advantage!

The British weather is not really known for being fabulous for longer than about 5 minutes, but, if you are willing to try out a few small experiments, you can enjoy your garden all year round, drizzle and all. Here are a few ideas worth looking into.

Create a Fire Pit to Sit Around

The central focal point of the living room, kitchen and even bedroom in years gone by was the fire. Whether it was ornate with a fabulously carved mantel or just a simple coal-filled grate, man and fire go back thousands of years. In fact, we are now scrabbling around for focal points for our modern, radiator-filled homes.

Firepits are very easy to construct and as long as you have a good supply of wood and a few eco firelighters to hand, it won’t be long before you are toasting marshmallows either. Add a few seats and bring out some cushions when it is clear and you have the perfect entertaining space.

Build a Patio with a Shelter

Having somewhere to sit is always at the top of the list for a room and creating a space for that in your garden is a good plan. A patio reaching out from your door is a great idea, especially if you use the same flooring inside as out to give the illusion that the room just keeps on going.

Even in a small garden, adding some shelter will tempt you out in spite of the weather. Seating is also easy to arrange, and you can either choose an outdoor sofa or make your own by recycling some old pallets. This is a cheap but effective way to build some seating and you can make exactly what you want to fit.

Use Tall Plants to Stop the Wind

Though you might think that a small garden can’t take tall plants, used in the right way, they also provide a bit of protection from the wind as well as provide screening for privacy. Do consider the size of the leaves when choosing the right plant, though as larger leaves will look better on a larger scale than smaller ones. Proportion is everything in gardening.

Putting tall plants around the perimeter is the most common way to create screens but you can also segment your garden too. Tall grasses work really well in trough-style tubs and will wave in the breeze, not quite blocking the view down the garden.

With a bit of planning and careful design, you can create an all-year garden to enjoy. Fire and shelter were all our ancestors needed and with a few rugs and a mug of tea, it can be all you need in the garden too.