Compare Car Insurance Added To The To Do List

Today I had to make one of those phone calls… the particular call which required me to stop an automatic renewal payment due to be taken out of my account, for car breakdown cover none the less. They tried to offer me everything under the sun and more to stay with them… everything except the price I wanted… my closing line? This is exactly why I use comparison sites!

Comparison sites are awesome as they give you a full set of results for only answering one set of questions, time saved is a definite bonus! You can compare car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance and pretty much anything these days – and the best thing? It all saves you money!

When bills seem to be flying at me from all angles I have really had to cut down recently and the first household bill that had the chop was the weekly grocery shop! How have I managed to cut roughly £30 a week off my weekly shop? Simply by ordering online! It stops you stopping at the ‘special offers’ at the end of every aisle, which in theory aren’t very special in price, it simply it a case of the items being at eye level and in an area where you will notice them. I have purchased a monthly delivery pass for £2.99, that is all I pay for deliveries every single month which is awesome!

Due to being on the Weight Watchers diet I am being more sensible now with the foods I eat, so the fridge is no longer filled with junk but literally only the bare essentials needed to get both Liv and I through the week until the next shop. The odd treat may sneak into my online basket every now and then but the treats are certainly not slowing down my weight loss.

Only using what we need… this goes without saying and can be applied to many things around the house. Water, turn the taps off when you aren’t using them. Ensure lights are turned off when you vacate a room. Walk short journeys instead of taking the car (also helps burn calories! Bonus!). Make large pots of food which can easily be frozen for a later occasion.

There are so many ways in which you can save money around your own house and I for one am going to keep saving pennies where possible!

This is a sponsored post.