How To Look After Your Health During Lockdown

Never has it been more important to look after your health and improve it. Whilst it maybe easy to simply ‘clock off’ during lockdown, being healthy helps your immune system. There are so many things you can do from home to ensure you and your family remain healthy during these uncertain times.

Stick to a routine

Sleep is important to helping boost immunity and ensuring your body is rested, however too much sleep can also be unhealthy! Try to stick to a routine of going to be around the same time each night and setting an alarm to rise in the morning. It’s easy to want to have a generous lie in, though too many lie in’s won’t help your health or your mental wellbeing.

How to look after yourself during lockdown

Exercise daily

Make use of the good weather by going for a walk as a household or even a bike ride. Getting out in the fresh air helps to blow away the cobwebs and makes you feel more refreshed, as well as increasing health levels.

If you aren’t able to make the time for a walk each day, add in some sets of squats, lunges or even planks whilst you are making a hot drink or even whilst waiting for dinner to cook. It’s easy to fall into sloth mode, especially with so much uncertainty, but keeping moving!

Eat healthy foods

Most of the UK turned to cake as soon as lockdown came into force. Comfort food was the way forward to survive the lockdown and whilst bingeing on carby foods was fun, clothes maybe a little tighter these days! It is important to remember incorporate 5 portions of fruit and vegetables into our daily meals to ensure intake of vitamins and minerals.

If you are prone to snacking, reach for fruit instead! If you are unable to enjoy time out in the sunshine, foods such as eggs, pork chops and salmon are a good source of Vitamin D.

Visiting the doctor

Surgeries are still operating, as ailments simply do not stop due to lockdown. If you find yourself in need of a doctor’s appointment, give them a call first as there will be set procedures in place that need to be followed. Your health, especially women’s health is seriously important and if you are feeling unwell, call your doctor’s surgery immediately!

Look after your oral health during lockdown

Keep brushing your teeth regularly

It’s important to maintain healthy teeth and gums by brushing teeth and using mouthwash regularly. As dentist surgeries are currently closed, only emergency dentists are available to treat any problems and there will be a wait for an appointment.

Be kind to yourself

There is no manual on how to cope with the feelings experienced whilst being in lockdown. Keep talking to people though, members of your household, speak with friends via a video calling app, write your thoughts in a journal, just do not think you are on your own. Be kind to yourself, remember some days will be better than others and try and relax when you can.

Selling Your House in 2019? 5 Ways to Increase Your Property’s Value

Now that the chaos of Christmas and New Year has dispersed, it’s an ideal time for anyone looking to sell their home to put in the necessary time and effort to fix it up. In this post, we’ll list a few ways — from installing a new central heating system to sorting out your garden — to increase your home’s value.

Selling a property can be a lengthy experience that requires plenty of patience, especially if it takes a long time to sell your home or the offers you receive aren’t what you were hoping for. If you’re looking to sell your home as soon as possible or want to increase its value, the best thing you can do is fix areas of your home that will put off buyers, and improve aspects that make it a more worthwhile investment.

Modern Homes

Modernise Your Kitchen

There are several essential areas of a home, but given that everybody needs to consume food — and many enjoy cooking as a way to relax and unwind — buyers will take particular note of the condition and quality of your kitchen. With that said, unless a property has been built more recently, rooms such as the kitchen are likely to be somewhat outdated and, therefore, unappealing to modern buyers.

If your kitchen needs a touch of modernisation or a revamp to attract a broader range of buyers, a lick of paint or some newer furniture (cupboards, work surfaces, etc.) can make a huge difference. It’s also important to look at the functionality of your kitchen — do you have a leaky tap or troublesome blockage that would plague a buyer from the moment they move in? If so, hiring a plumber to check your pipes and systems is a smart move. Having to move into a new home and instantly fix things isn’t an appealing prospect to most people, so keep that in mind when the time comes to sell your property.

Fix up Your Garden

Although it isn’t a must-have for every homeowner or potential buyer, a great-looking garden is aesthetically pleasing and perfect for social gatherings, while the space also provides plenty of options for extending your home. If your garden is run down, neglected or just not very pretty to look at — you may want to consider the benefits of doing up your garden before it comes to selling your house.

If you don’t have particularly green fingers, there’s always the option of hiring a professional gardener, as they’ll be able to take care of both simple and more complicated aspects of maintaining a garden. As we said, a garden isn’t for everyone, but a healthy and good-looking garden increases the overall value of your home and makes that vital positive first impression.

Enhance Your Bathroom

Bathing, going to the toilet, brushing your teeth and getting ready are all vital and regular aspects of everyday life. This not only means that buyers will expect your plumbing to be efficient and problem-free, but the decor, design and overall aesthetic quality of your bathroom need to be decent too.

Got a few broken tiles? Replace them. Need to fix that annoying leaky tap? Hire a plumber! Is your bath dated and grubby? Invest in a new one. The term “you need to spend money to make money” is definitely overused, but in this case, it makes a lot of sense, especially when it comes to such a vital area of your home as the bathroom.

Is the Central Heating System up to Scratch?

The UK is infamous for it’s less than appealing weather. Granted we’ve enjoyed some surprisingly pleasant periods in recent years, but more often than not, it’s either raining or pretty chilly. With this mind, it’s vital for your home to have a central heating system that’s high quality and reliable.

This is something that buyers will want to know and often try out, and if your central heating system is unsatisfactory, it can be a crucial factor in influencing their decision to buy, especially when many buyers are already on a tight budget and won’t necessarily have the funds to buy a new system once they’ve bought your house. If your central heating system is on the fritz or you need to upgrade, it’s better to do so sooner rather than later.

Driveway Repair

When you consider the various aspects of your home that need sprucing up you tend to think of the things either inside your house or the garden, but improving the front of your property can prove to be vital for increasing its value. Driveway repairs will ensure that the first thing potential buyers see — before they even cross the threshold — is a well maintained, aesthetically-pleasing driveway.

Every property is different, so, therefore, you’ll have a variety of options when it comes to repairing your driveway. Tarmac resurfacing is a common solution that not only looks great, but thanks to the use of coloured tarmac you’ll be able to ensure that the new surface will suit the surrounding area. Exterior design at its finest!

The Tools Every Gardener Should Own


Some people love gardening. It becomes their hobby and they spend many happy hours making their garden look perfect. Then there are those who would rather pay someone else to do it, and just sit back and enjoy their lovely space. Whether you do your garden yourself, or someone else does it for you, there are some tools that should be in your garden shed, ready for the work to begin.

Before you buy any tools, you should make sure they are the right fit for you. If anything is too heavy you could injure yourself, and if the handle is too long it could be very difficult to work with. Opt for tools with wooden or coated metal handles, as they are strong and durable but not too heavy.

Hand Rake

With a hand rake, you can clear away the leaves in autumn, rake any loose grass off your lawn after mowing and remove debris from around plants and trees without causing them any damage so that your garden always looks amazing. Buy a brightly coloured one so that it is easier to spot of it has been left lying ion the ground.



Shears are the best tool for trimming edges of lawns, cutting privet hedges back and clearing clumps of perennials. You can cut the gross around beds and tree trunks with them and if you buy long handled shears you will not have to bend to do any of your trimming tasks.

Hand Pruner

These can be used to cut back some of the woodier plants, such as roses. They are ideal for branches up to about three-quarters of an inch thick, and for cutting back bigger flowers.


Round Headed Shovel

Gardeners need one of these to dig holes for planting trees and shrubs, They will also use them for moving loose soil, gravel sand or compost.

Hand Weeder

This thin, sharp blade will help with weeding paths, as it can get between any slabs. The problem is that when the weeds are removed, ants tend to appear apparently from nowhere. Before you do this job it is a good idea to buy some Nippon Ant Killer, so you are prepared for anything you may find. Gardeners should always be prepared for everything.


Digging Fork

These are used for turning soil to cultivate it, for lifting bulbs, and for breaking up clods. They can also be useful if the ground is too hard for a shovel to dig a hole.

Gardeners Knife

A gardener’s knife can be a very useful tool and used for many different things. You can make holes in the soil for planting bulbs, and they are good for weeding. They are vital if you want to cut the roots of plants to divide them and are brilliant for scraping out moss and weed from those awkward corners and crevices.

Favourite Tools

All gardeners have their favourite tools, and good quality ones will last for years if they are properly looked after. You should always clean them after use, and oil any moving parts such as nuts and bolts.  In the winter months, ensure they are protected from damp, or they may go rusty and be no longer any use.

Is Your Home Dinner Party- Ready?

Looking to host a dinner party for your loved ones? It’s a great way to get everyone together as well as making the most of your home. But when you’re having guests over, you’ll of course want to make sure that your place is up to scratch and ready to impress. Here are some of the ways you can upgrade your home if you plan on having regular get togethers, or getting it ready to host a dinner party.

Dinner party ready

Consider your floor covering

If you have guests over a lot, it can make sense to have easy to clean flooring downstairs. Solid wood, laminate or natural stone like marble are all good choices- they’re easy to clean so if any dirt comes in on people’s shoes you won’t be sat scrubbing stains like you would with carpet. Of course you always have the option of asking guests to remove shoes, but it’s an easier option to simply go with a suitable floor covering in the first place. Not only is this great for if you have guests or workmen in your home but it prevents your children and pets ruining the flooring as well. At a dinner party you always have the risk of food or drink spills, so carpet isn’t the best choice.

Think about your table

Having a table that comfortably sits six or eight people is useful if you throw regular dinner parties. If you don’t want a large table to take up this much space on a day to day basis, you always have the option of extendable tables. Store away a few of spare chairs in the garage, and then when you’re hosting people you can set up the table to sit more people and add the chairs. Throw over a tablecloth and no one will know the difference! Dinner parties tend to be slightly more formal affairs, and so it’s worth going all out with the table decor. Find a stunning centrepiece, and add your nicest crockery and cutlery to lay the table. You could add napkin rings and placeholders too, these are especially good for occasions like easter and Christmas.

Add wine storage to your kitchen

A good host knows that at a dinner party you need to keep the drinks flowing. If you have people over often, it’s well worth having somewhere to store your wine. This could be a wine rack integrated into your kitchen or added afterwards- any gaps between appliances are useful for slotting one in. You could purchase a wine cooler, or even keep a spare fridge or shelving in your basement or garage for storing wine. Companies like Oddbins wines have plenty on offer so it’s easy to stock up without breaking the bank, and it means you’re always ready to host a dinner party or have guests over!

Do you have guests over often for food and drinks? What changes to your home would make life easier when you’re hosting guests?

Dinner party ready

5 Great Hobbies That Stood the Test of Time

If somebody asks you what the purpose of your life is, you will have a flashback to periods of your life, your family and friends, but your mind will also to go a hobby that played a significant role in your life. That’s the power of a hobby.

Hobbies are things that bring you joy, calm and sometime you can turn them in to serious money making sidelines. There are few hobbies that have stood the test of time and there is reason for it. Here are some of the most popular:



This is maybe the most talked about hobby ever… but tell you what, it deserves all the praise it is getting (for hundreds of years, actually).

The thirst for knowledge can never be satisfied, and if you are someone who is satisfied with the limited experience he/she has, then you should know that intellect has an appeal of its own. Besides, the more you read, the more you start to understand the world and get a creative imagination. This increased general knowledge and impromptu understanding will be helpful in scoring jobs and promotions for you later in life. From hydroponics to pythagoras theorem – there are endless things to read about.


Music is quick. It is fun, and there is a lot of it for you to explore. Check out a couple of old records from the 60s when modern music was given shape, check out the inspiration of later musicians, and make it a part of your life which is not just something you listen to when you’re travelling or partying.

Call it musical academia, except that there is no teacher involved (and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing). If you don’t want to spend out on lessons, hit youtube for some free tutorial.


Writing is an art form. You can do it for fun, for therapy, for others to read, to sell or to make something memorable. Once you get started it can become very difficult to remember a time when your first instinct after experiencing something wasn’t to just write it down. It is relatively cheap too.


Have you ever heard of the retail therapy? The purpose of hobbies is to keep you occupied in all states of your mind, and this is why shopping can be excellent therapy for you. This is one that costs perhaps more than the others, but people who are avid shoppers have a natural sense of saving when they shop.

So, the next time somebody describes you as a shopping freak don’t forget to say thanks!



20 years ago, if you wanted to do photography, then you might have been blocked by the money factor. But today, with a decent phone, you can start off your career as a personal photographer. Start taking a picture in your backyard and one day you will own a professional page on Instagram, and your following will speak for why this hobby is incredible!

Light and Bright: The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Family Dining Room

Are you a family that uses their dining room only for special occasions like Christmas and Birthdays, or a household that eats at the table every single mealtime? Well, whichever category you fall into I’m sure you will agree that getting the look and feel of the dining room is a high priority. How can you do this? Well, read our ultimate guide below for some tips on creating a light and bright family dining room in which everyone will want to hand out.

family dining room


If a light and bright space is your goal, then it’s crucial to pay attention to the windows, and the natural light they let into your dining room space. If you’re lucky enough to have full-length picture windows, then it’s best to make the most of these and only have curtains at the windows rather than nets, as this will allow in the most light and make the room seem spacious.

It is also vital to remember that when hanging curtains they should be fixed above and to the side of the windows rather than on the top edge and into where the glass frame is, as this can make the room feel darker.

Also, remember that if you have smaller windows in your dining room, then you may struggle to let in as much natural light as you would like. Of course, following the curtain hanging tip above can help, but you may wish to use other tactics to make the room seem as light and bright as possible.

One of these strategies is to ensure that the light is not blocked from the outside, so trim down any bushes or flowers that are infringing on the window space.

Also, the colour of the wall that you paint your room will have a considerable effect on how bright it seems, no matter what the size of the window. With this in mind, using a bright, light-reflecting white colour is an excellent move. You can even lighten things up a little more by picking a bold tone like yellow, pink, or orange on the wall that receives the most light. Such a tone will then reflect more light into the rest of the room and give this illusion that it is a brighter space.

Open plan

Another way to maximise the light in your dining room area is to make your space open plan. Open plan is when walls between different section of the home are removed, and this can be a partially useful tactic here because light from other areas and windows can travel unbroken into the dining room space.

family dining room

Open plan spaces allows light to reach the dining room from other areas.

Knocking through a wall to make your dining space open plan can be hard work though. In particular, you must check that none of the walls you are removing are load bearing before you get started. Otherwise, you can affect the structural integrity of your house, making it unsafe and lowering its value.

However, it is worth noting that an open plan space can also work well for family living, as when the kids are doing their homework or art projects at the table, you can supervise them from the kitchen or lounge and still feel like you are spending time together as a family.


Obviously, the furniture that you pick for your light and bright dining room is essential as well. To that end, it is worth shopping around for the perfect table and chair that compliments not only your colour scheme but also fit in with your brightness goals.

In particular, finding a table that is white as well chair to match is the right call. You can even get custom made dining chairs created where you select the wood colour and the fabric to keep things as light as possible. Something that can add to the overall feeling of space and light for which you are searching.


Lastly,  to create a successful light and bright room lighting is an essential consideration. The styles and types of lights that you pick for your space will depend on a variety of things, but don’t be afraid to combine different lights to get the effect that you want.

Yes, most dining rooms will have a central light in the middle of the room, but remember that you do not have to go for a single fitting here. In fact, you can get a great effect from using alternative types of lighting like a chandelier instead.

family dining room

Also be sure to include uplighters and even orb style table lamps in shelving areas, and dark corner of the room, as this will ensure the entire space is as light, bright, and pleasant for your family get-together’s and mealtimes as possible.

Step Into The Future: Modern Homes Are Magnificent

If you are restyling your property, aim for a modern design. Bring your home into the future with a lush style that doesn’t feel like the past and fits firmly into the present or indeed the future. While some people may favour the more vintage elements of property design, modern homes are absolutely wonderful with everything that you could possibly want. They have stunning designs that look incredible, fantastic furniture options and will bring you true joy. Let’s look at some the best features of the modern home design.

No Clutter

Modern Homes

One of the problems, when you buy a home, is that ultimately it starts to look cluttered and cramped. That’s why people often choose to move. It’s not that they need a bigger place per say. It’s that they’ve filled their old home with junk and furniture that they didn’t need so it now looks smaller. You can quite easily correct this issue by making sure that you adopt the modern design. Taking the living room for instance. You can design it with a modern corner sofa, a beautiful coffee table for the centre table and a few accessories. That’s all you really need.

With a modern design, you will be able to decorate your home but still, keep the level of clutter under control. Ultimately, you will be opting for a minimalist style. Choosing each furniture piece carefully, you can create room designs that look magnificent without being overcrowded.

It’s not just a practical advantage. Styling your home like this will make it look stunning. It fits into the contemporary theme.

Art = Tech

Modern homes


In the past technology was an ugly eyesore as part of your home. Try as they might, developers found it difficult to make tech look anything like a stylish design choice. That’s why in homes for show, you hardly ever saw any technology. Today things have changed, and modern design can have tech that looks like art.

Take the TV for instance. Modern TVs are so slim that they can fit on the wall like a beautiful work of art. They will look brilliant too and when you want to put them to use, can be pulled out for any angle of viewing.

This isn’t the only awesome benefit that tech brings to modern home design. New smart lights can change the colour scheme of your room completely, bathing your room in beautiful, coloured light.

Stunning Floors You Can Afford

Modern Homes

Old-fashioned homes often have carpet everywhere. Modern homeowners that opt for the minimalist design should consider wooden flooring. In the past hardwood floors were both stylish and expensive. Today, you can purchase laminate flooring. These are a very stylish option and totally affordable. That means that you don’t have to worry about not being able to fit this choice in your design budget.

Going Industrial

Modern Homes

Who would have thought it? Industrialist designs are sweeping into modern homes and bringing a fresh new style option for owners. With industrial designs, everything is very simple, and it is part of the minimalist feel of the modern home. With this type of design furniture and accessories don’t intrude on the feel of the room. Instead, the room essentially, speaks for itself.

Have fun making your home a modern masterpiece.

Kitting Out Your Home

There are so many things that you could kit your home out with. So much so that you could probably become a self confessed hoarder pretty damn quick! But whilst we don’t want you to get too carried away, there are certain items that you can add to your home that will kit it out nicely. Things that you’re probably going to need, rather than the ones you want. You’ll never stop needing new things, and you’ll never stop wanting new things. So pace yourself, and buy items one thing at a time. So many people buy items in bulk, and hate the fact that they’ve got no money. Don’t let that person be you, buy some of the items that we’re going to list one by one, and make sure that you’re always spending responsibly.

Kitting out your home

New Appliances

For a homeowner, getting some new appliances is always an exciting affair. You usually only consider getting a new one when the old one has packed in, but sometimes it is nice to just have a little refresh just so you’re keeping up to date with the times. Something that all women love is a new oven. It’s like getting a new phone for a child, or a new car for a man. It’s just something fresh and exciting, and it always somehow spurs us on to want to cook the best meals. If you do get one, you’re going to need gas oven installation. Some companies who you will purchase the appliance of can do it for you, but you might be better off going third party if you want it cheaper. The same goes for things like a washing machine or dishwasher. They all need to be connected properly to prevent any leaks. Fridges are easy enough to do yourself, and if you were to get one of them, we highly recommend that you get an American style fridge freezer. They’re just so cool, and offer up so much more space.

New Technology

New technology is always exciting, it can add so much to your home in terms of fun. If we’re talking tech, we’re going to have to talk TV’s. There are soo many out there that you can enjoy, and so many that will give you a different type of experience. We highly recommend that you go 3D. You can get so many films that are 3D supported now, and the viewing you’ll be able to get is just so cool. You might also like something like the Amazon Echo. It’s a good little sound system that also couples up as a handy little helper. If you need to set an alarm, it’s there for you to talk to. Need to make a list, just simply say it outloud! You can purchase them as a single, or as a pair. In a pair you can have music playing both up and downstairs, or you can have them playing their own individual bits of music. It’s just a nice little way of keeping up to date with technology.

Four Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Summer

prepare for summer

Whether it feels like it or not, spring has finally sprung, which can only mean one thing; Summer is right around the corner. Granted, it might not be shorts and swimsuit weather just yet, but the warm weather is on its way, and it’s vital that we all prepare our homes for when it arrives. If you’re after a calm and carefree summer, with lots of relaxation and very little hassle, then here are a few important things that you should do. Here is a list of tasks you absolutely can’t forget.

Check On Your Air Conditioning

With summer comes hot weather, so it’s vital that you’ve got some way to stay cool. If you use an air conditioning system for this purpose, then you need to make sure that you check it over properly before the weather warms up. After all, the last thing that you need is for it to break on a really hot day and not have the means to fix it. It is possible to do this yourself, but it’s often better to call out a professional, as they will be able to spot problems easily and be able to fix them.

Prevent Any Water Damage

It would be lovely if summer were filled with never-ending days of sunshine, but this is very rarely the case, especially in the UK. Because of this, it’s essential that you also do what you can to prevent water damage, in case there’s a summer storm. You need to check all of your doors and windows for leaks, and also inspect your roof, attic, and basement. You should also make sure to clean out your gutters so that they don’t become blocked if it rains.

Consider Building An Orangery

Orangeries are a perfect addition to your home, as they provide some shelter throughout summer, while also allowing you to be in the sunshine. They are a little more expensive than your average conservatory, which may make you wonder “why choose an orangery?”, but they’re also a lot more energy efficient, making them the perfect place to spend time in summer and winter. They’re also incredibly sophisticated, which makes the extra cost a little bit more worth it.

Protect Yourself From Pests

Bugs and pests are out and about no matter the time of year, but summer is definitely when they’re most active. While you may be able to ignore them when you’re outside, you don’t want them getting into your home, which is why it’s vital that you do whatever you can to protect it. The obvious first step is to clean everywhere, to get rid of any insects that may have made your home their own, and then you should check for places they could enter again and block them.

Summer is supposed to be a time when you can relax, but this will only be possible if you start preparing your home now. Hopefully, these tips will help you with this, so that your summer is as carefree as it possibly can be.

Is Your Garden All Ready For Summer?

Get your garden summer ready

Summer is just around the corner and once the weather improves and temperatures start to increase, you will definitely want to get outside as often as you can. So, there is no wonder why you might be wondering what you can do to your garden to improve it. After all, the nicer and better kept your garden is, the more you will try to be outside to use it as much as possible.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get down to some useful gardening in time for summer? Here are some of the best things you can do to get your garden all ready for summer.

Get Some New Garden Furniture

It’s a really nice idea to get some wicker furniture for your back garden. You will then be a lot more inclined to head outside each evening and relax in your outdoor space. As well as a few chairs and an outdoor sofa, you might want to add some garden dining furniture as well. You can then enjoy plenty of al fresco dining in the summer months, especially if you have a barbecue.

Get your garden summer ready

Dust Off The Barbecue

If you do have a barbecue, you will need to dust it off and clean it so that it is ready to use in time for summer. If you are like me, you will probably store your barbecue in your garden shed throughout winter, during which time it could get covered in a lot of cobwebs and dust. So, before you start grilling your sausages and burgers, you will need to clean it off to get it ready to cook on. Simply wiping it down with warm soapy water should be enough to clean off all the dirt, but you might want to wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe as well just to make sure.

Feed The Lawn

Once summer finally begins, you will notice that the lawn starts to grow extremely quickly, and you will need to mow it at least once a week to keep on top of all that grass. But to ensure that your lawn can put up with so much mowing, you should think about feeding it over the next month. This can help boost the growth of the grass and it will prevent any large patches developing from all the mowing. You will be able to find some good quality lawn feeds from your nearest gardening centre at very reasonable prices.

Get your garden summer ready

Remove Winter Leaves From Gutters

There is a very good chance that all of the gutters on the exterior of your property will now be filled with quite a lot of dead leaves and other organic material. You won’t want to leave all of this rubbish in your gutters for too long, as it will start to decompose and could cause some seriously bad fragrances. And that will be made a lot worse in the summer in the hot weather. So, you should try and get up to your gutters and clean them out as soon as you can. Ideally, do it after you have had a few dry days so that all of the dead leaves have dried out. This will make the gutters a lot easier to clean out. If you don’t fancy balancing on a ladder to do this, you could always call a handyman to do this for you.

Get your garden summer ready

Add Some Extra Shade

When we create or redesign a garden and the outdoor areas of our properties, it is often easy to get carried away with trying to get as much sunshine in as possible. For this reason, quite a few homeowners cut down large trees and reduce the size of their fences as these can cast quite a bit of shade. However, you shouldn’t see shade as a bad thing in your garden. In actual fact, shade in your garden could end up being a godsend, especially on very hot days. You should consider replacing your outdoor dining area close to or very much in some shade so that you and your family don’t suffer from sunburn or sunstroke from sitting outside so much. Not only that, though, but some of your plants and flowers might need to be in shaded areas as well. So, when you are planting any new plants in your garden, make sure they have all the shade they need. Otherwise, they won’t grow as well as you would hope, and your garden won’t turn out all that nice.

Consider External Lighting

You will also want to spend some long evenings in your garden during the summer to try and enjoy all of the good temperatures as much as possible. To ensure you can still sit outside even after the sun has gone down, you might like the idea of adding some external lighting to your outdoor areas. There are various ways you can go about this. For instance, you might like to add some fairy lights to one of your property’s exterior walls. You can also buy some illuminated plastic stakes from gardening centres that can be lit up. These are great for lighting the whole way along a garden path.

Is your garden ready for summer

Clean Your Gardening Tools

If you are a keen gardener, you will probably have a lot of different tools and pieces of equipment stored in your shed or garage. You will probably find that you often forget to clean these throughout the year and just let all the dirt and grime build up on them. This is often all too easy to do as the dirt won’t make the gardening tools any more difficult to use. However, it could make them a lot more prone to rust. So, to help your tools last longer, you should think about giving them a good clean. Now is the best time to do it as it should be dry enough to leave them outside to dry off in the air.  Ideally, give them another clean just before winter too.


Follow the tips above and your garden will quickly be ready for summer!