Don’t Have The Time Or Funds To Learn To Play Piano?

Many people would love to learn the piano but feel they don’t have enough time or money. Those of us that learnt the traditional way will remember the considerable time and expense taken to go to piano lessons. The price of the piano lessons can vary considerably, generally being higher in cities, but even at a modest cost of £20/€25 per lesson, this can equate to over £1000/€1250 per year. Lessons can often cost much more than this and if you have several children learning at the same time, it is easy to see how the costs for a family can be significant and even prohibitive.

Unless you are fortunate enough to find a good teacher who will visit you, you may well have to factor in travel time to and from the lesson that could be as much as one hour. It is easy to see why some people therefore feel that they don’t have the time of money to learn the piano.


With the advent of the Internet however, there are now new opportunities to learn the piano that overcome these issues. It is now possible to enrol on an online course for less than the cost of a single traditional piano lesson. Instead of spending time travelling to and from a lesson, you can utilise this time to learn to play and you can access the tuition material as and when you need it, rather than being restricted to the typical once a week lesson.

If you are the type of person who needs to be pushed to do anything, then online tuition is probably not for you – stick to traditional lessons with a teacher. But if you are self-motivated then online tuition provides many benefits, as well as cost and time saving. One such benefit is that highly motivated people can progress as fast as they like, accessing new tuition material every time they practice and progress, without having to wait until next week’s lesson.

There is also the option to have piano lessons with a remote teacher via Internet video tools such as Skype, Viber or Google’s Hangouts, so some students may prefer to follow an online course and then book private lessons to top up their knowledge or address any difficulties they encounter.

There are now more options than ever asked to the type of tuition that you can access. This ranges from the traditional lessons which are most suited to classical music, through to revolutionary new techniques which bypass the need to learn notation and can achieve incredibly quick results like DecPlay Piano. These new techniques often use chords and patterns to reduce the time it takes to learn to play and to make the learning experience more fun. You don’t even have to learn to do the dreaded ‘scales’ (repetitive sequences of notes) or learn to read traditional notation. This type of tuition is most suited to popular and folk music and the results can be dramatic, with some techniques being able to teach the average person to play a song within 1 hour!

Many of the online tuition methods provide money back guarantees, further reducing the risk. The portability of modern keyboards means that it is now practical to bring a light battery powered keyboard with you, so you can practice anywhere you choose, even during your lunch break at work.

Whatever your age, job or location, learning to play piano is easier than you think, provided you have the motivation and access to the internet…. oh yes, and access to a keyboard!


Declan Cosgrove
Inventor of rapid results piano tuition method

The World’s Most Expensive Jewellery

Like a magpie my daughter is attracted to my jewellery, in fact half of it has now disappeared into her room, most likely never to be seen again. Although I know I did once, at least, own some beautiful jewellery!

In all honesty though, I have more than likely forgotten more pieces than I recall owning but I know if I owned a ridiculously expensive piece of jewellery, I would lock it away from my daughter’s beady eyes!

As a single mum though, justifying a jewellery extravagance is like attempting to justify a 5* holiday in Barbados… First Class. So until then, I will just have to keep pining after the bling attached to the rich and famous.

Though, if money were no object, what jewellery would you lust after?

Why not check out the world’s most expensive jewellery with this awesome infographic…

– An infographic by the team at Jewellery World

Things To Do When You Are Suffering The Holiday Blues

Sometimes you need a little escapism…

What should be a holiday is not necessarily so, especially when you are an adult… and you go to stay with your parents. Which is… in effect the same as going back home where you are told to tidy you room, have to wash the pots and are told what to do. Welcome to my world at this current time.

For the past week I have been stuck somewhere in the South of France and have so far visited 4 different supermarkets. This is all that has happened besides going out for lunch twice… both occasions have been awful. I though people raved about French cuisine? I personally am not seeing it or tasting it!

To keep myself busy I have brought my laptop with me in order to escape from the ‘non holiday’.  If you too are struggling with the same predicament you can always play monopoly plus slot machines online. When played responsibly it can always relieve the boredom.

There are a whole host of games online and you do not have to pay for them all such as tomb raider slot machine free play here!

Sunbathing has been a bit hit and miss unfortunately due to the weather and due to the fact we are stuck in the middle of absolutely no where has made things slightly harder than they already are.jazz

When the sun is shining there are lots of things to do so long as you are happy to sit in a car for an hour each way. We have literally just returned from the local Jazz Festival which was lovely to walk around with lots of funky stalls selling friendship bracelets and loom bands. It was a lovely break from the norm and much appreciated.

The countdown is definitely on for returning home! If you too are stuck and are looking for something to do such as playing online slot games then why not play here.