Right Back At Square One… AGAIN!

Here I am, staring at my computer screen, with my phone beeping away constantly. The thought of turning my phone off completely  is so appealing right now, but in reality I know I cannot… just in case I am needed and for that one moment I am not available.

After a tumultuous, ridiculously confusing couple of weeks, I have found myself back in the rat race that is dating… more specifically online dating. Quite frankly my head is screwed, nothing has made any sense and still doesn’t, but I need to literally get back on the horse and ride the shizzle out of it again. Only time will tell if I’m rushing into it too quickly. The old clichés of taking time out for me have become slightly old and tiring and I’m too stubborn to sit around twiddling my thumbs.

My phone book has doubled in size in a week and I am getting to the point where I am forgetting what people do, how old they are, their height etc… that’s not good right?! Well, it kind of is… it shows I am speaking to a wide net of people and surely one will be deemed worthy of my precious time?

I’m just feeling like my heart isn’t quite in it yet, everyone is boring me, no-one is appearing to challenge me enough. I guess I just don’t know what I want from love any more. I’m not willing to settle for second best and my penchant for playing with fire does not help.

I have several dates lined up… with several men. I know full well it’s all going to go wrong, this is me we are talking about, anything and everything that can happen generally happens to me. The timing of recent events have proved that for sure and have placed me right back at square one again. My cross to bear and I will end this post with a tune that gets my through it and with a cliché I’ve also heard too many times… ‘you live and learn…’ Check out Sim’s Life for other posts!