Warming Up With A Winter Holiday

Is it just me, sitting here at the moment, staring at the temperature gauge but not actually turning it any higher?

Gosh you can tell it is coming up to Winter now and our short summer is well and truly over, it is freezing and the Heat Holder blanket is most definitely out and keeping myself and my mini me warm! Even the dog gets a look in sometimes!

The thought of hailing a taxi to the airport simply with passports only and asking for a plane ticket on the next plane out of here is so appealing you would not believe. Heading to a warmer climate right now would be perfect, though knowing my luck, I would be given a ticket to Greenland!

Whilst having one of my may Google breaks (I love procrastination!) I found this great little City Break guide from Travelzoo which helps you decide on which city you’d want to visit based on temperature, prices and blogger recommendations…I am still choosing but where would you go?

Travelzoo City Planner.

Autumn City Break Destination Planner

Tinnitus… What Is It All About And How Does It Happen?

The most random thing happened last night.

I have been chatting to a lovely bloke on a dating site, there is no attraction there at all, literally just someone to chat to and moan about how soul destroying it all is. When he turned around and stated he suffers with tinnitus…


Now I am fully aware it is a problem with ears however, it is something that I had to specifically Google to find more information about. What a totally bizarre thing to come out with though, I know I have heard some mildly crazy things in my time, but I think this topic definitely tops the bill.

So, if you are as oblivious as I am… here is a little information on what Tinnitus is exactly!

Tinnitus is a term that describes any sound a person can hear from inside their body rather than from an outside source.  Although tinnitus is often described as ‘ringing in the ears’, several sounds can be heard including: Buzzing, humming, hissing, sizzling, grinding and whistling.

More and more people are suffering from hearing problems which are often due to the work they do. Anyone can be affected by industrial deafness, acoustic trauma and tinnitus whether you work on a building site or in a call centre.  The below Tinnitus infographic provided by Johnsons Law explores the different types of work related hearing problems, why they occur, how to prevent them and what to do if you have already been affected.



Online Shopping For A Cheaper Christmas

The countdown is finally on and with just over 15 weeks until Christmas, I have already started preparing myself by purchasing stocking fillers for my daughter. When all my friends have multiple children, Christmas can seem like a very expensive time of year, so everyone is in agreement that we just buy for children… which makes it slightly easier… until I have to buy for boys!

Ever the savvy shopper, I like to try and organise Christmas early as I also have so many birthdays to prepare for as well. Bargain hunting online for me is an absolute must and I love sites like VoucherBin.co.uk which offer a huge variety of vouchers for sites we all use on a daily basis… perfect for hunting down a fantastic bargain for Christmas!


My daughter is getting to the age now where presents tend to be less in quantity but more expensive in value… I am expecting that she will no doubt be wanting a tablet of some description for Christmas – but with her birthday only 5 days after Christmas, I have a feeling this year will be more expensive than ever. Especially as she will be with her father for Christmas and not myself.

Though not to worry as I shall be spending the festive period with my lovely mate Heather, who will also be child free. We have decided that we shall spend the time eating, drinking, watching Netflix and lounging around in onesies. This to me sounds like the ideal way to spend a child free Christmas – though it would be quite nice to venture to sunnier climes but you cannot have everything!

It maybe worthwhile treating myself in that case, in order to prepare for a slob out Christmas – I will definitely be checking out the Fashion section to invest in a new onesie… and maybe some slippers!

A Night Out For Mum… I Wish!

A Night Out For Mum. Being a mum is not only a full time job, but it can be all consuming. All too often mums don’t take enough time out for themselves and can become run down from constantly looking after everyone else other than themselves. A great way to stay refreshed and feeling good about yourself is to enjoy meet ups with your friends and fellow mums and go to new and exciting places each time.

Going to a casino could be lots of fun especially if you are a first timer. You could gather up a group of friends, get a babysitter, and put on your most glam clothes for a night of gambling, drinks and dinner. There are lots of table games to choose from such as roulette, blackjack and poker, Jack and The Beanstalk and if you feel you do not know the games well enough you can socialise at the tables while watching the games.You will meet lots of interesting people while you pick up tips and are likely to be served free drinks.

chipsIf you stroll around the casino you will find players of all different skill levels and also lots of different games-you are bound to find one that suits you, if you want to play online you can Click here to play jackpot . Lots of people stick to the slots games which are just based on chance and some people win big! After you have tried your luck with the casino games you could choose one of the many bars and restaurants that are usually on offer.

The food can vary, and if you are in a classy high end casino, you could go to a very upmarket restaurant or bar. After you’ve eaten you could catch an after dinner show. There are usually acts on at the casino whether they are music or magic, there will be something to suit your taste. But if you want to get this sort of gaming experience from the comfort of your living room, you can play the likes of Twin Spin slot machine online.

Don’t Have The Time Or Funds To Learn To Play Piano?

Many people would love to learn the piano but feel they don’t have enough time or money. Those of us that learnt the traditional way will remember the considerable time and expense taken to go to piano lessons. The price of the piano lessons can vary considerably, generally being higher in cities, but even at a modest cost of £20/€25 per lesson, this can equate to over £1000/€1250 per year. Lessons can often cost much more than this and if you have several children learning at the same time, it is easy to see how the costs for a family can be significant and even prohibitive.

Unless you are fortunate enough to find a good teacher who will visit you, you may well have to factor in travel time to and from the lesson that could be as much as one hour. It is easy to see why some people therefore feel that they don’t have the time of money to learn the piano.


With the advent of the Internet however, there are now new opportunities to learn the piano that overcome these issues. It is now possible to enrol on an online course for less than the cost of a single traditional piano lesson. Instead of spending time travelling to and from a lesson, you can utilise this time to learn to play and you can access the tuition material as and when you need it, rather than being restricted to the typical once a week lesson.

If you are the type of person who needs to be pushed to do anything, then online tuition is probably not for you – stick to traditional lessons with a teacher. But if you are self-motivated then online tuition provides many benefits, as well as cost and time saving. One such benefit is that highly motivated people can progress as fast as they like, accessing new tuition material every time they practice and progress, without having to wait until next week’s lesson.

There is also the option to have piano lessons with a remote teacher via Internet video tools such as Skype, Viber or Google’s Hangouts, so some students may prefer to follow an online course and then book private lessons to top up their knowledge or address any difficulties they encounter.

There are now more options than ever asked to the type of tuition that you can access. This ranges from the traditional lessons which are most suited to classical music, through to revolutionary new techniques which bypass the need to learn notation and can achieve incredibly quick results like DecPlay Piano. These new techniques often use chords and patterns to reduce the time it takes to learn to play and to make the learning experience more fun. You don’t even have to learn to do the dreaded ‘scales’ (repetitive sequences of notes) or learn to read traditional notation. This type of tuition is most suited to popular and folk music and the results can be dramatic, with some techniques being able to teach the average person to play a song within 1 hour!

Many of the online tuition methods provide money back guarantees, further reducing the risk. The portability of modern keyboards means that it is now practical to bring a light battery powered keyboard with you, so you can practice anywhere you choose, even during your lunch break at work.

Whatever your age, job or location, learning to play piano is easier than you think, provided you have the motivation and access to the internet…. oh yes, and access to a keyboard!


Declan Cosgrove
Inventor of DecPlay.com rapid results piano tuition method

The World’s Most Expensive Jewellery

Like a magpie my daughter is attracted to my jewellery, in fact half of it has now disappeared into her room, most likely never to be seen again. Although I know I did once, at least, own some beautiful jewellery!

In all honesty though, I have more than likely forgotten more pieces than I recall owning but I know if I owned a ridiculously expensive piece of jewellery, I would lock it away from my daughter’s beady eyes!

As a single mum though, justifying a jewellery extravagance is like attempting to justify a 5* holiday in Barbados… First Class. So until then, I will just have to keep pining after the bling attached to the rich and famous.

Though, if money were no object, what jewellery would you lust after?

Why not check out the world’s most expensive jewellery with this awesome infographic…

– An infographic by the team at Jewellery World

Things To Do When You Are Suffering The Holiday Blues

Sometimes you need a little escapism…

What should be a holiday is not necessarily so, especially when you are an adult… and you go to stay with your parents. Which is… in effect the same as going back home where you are told to tidy you room, have to wash the pots and are told what to do. Welcome to my world at this current time.

For the past week I have been stuck somewhere in the South of France and have so far visited 4 different supermarkets. This is all that has happened besides going out for lunch twice… both occasions have been awful. I though people raved about French cuisine? I personally am not seeing it or tasting it!

To keep myself busy I have brought my laptop with me in order to escape from the ‘non holiday’.  If you too are struggling with the same predicament you can always play monopoly plus slot machines online. When played responsibly it can always relieve the boredom.

There are a whole host of games online and you do not have to pay for them all such as tomb raider slot machine free play here!

Sunbathing has been a bit hit and miss unfortunately due to the weather and due to the fact we are stuck in the middle of absolutely no where has made things slightly harder than they already are.jazz

When the sun is shining there are lots of things to do so long as you are happy to sit in a car for an hour each way. We have literally just returned from the local Jazz Festival which was lovely to walk around with lots of funky stalls selling friendship bracelets and loom bands. It was a lovely break from the norm and much appreciated.

The countdown is definitely on for returning home! If you too are stuck and are looking for something to do such as playing online slot games then why not play here.

Who Knew Choosing Toilet Roll Was So Hard!

Who knew that choosing toilet roll was such an arduous task… it is though isn’t it?

Scanning the aisles in the supermarket, you are faced with double lined, triple lined, aloe vera lined… arrrrrrrgh I really just want to wipe my sizeable behind with something soft… not that hard really is it?!


Bathrooms.com have clearly been faced with the same decisions as myself and have put some serious thought into their ‘Annual Budget Roll’ – their findings from a survey compiled with students from Swansea University.

They looked into softness, absorbency, the length of the roll and the individual sheet size. They pretty much covered all bases!

Their findings can be found on their Annual Budget Roll page with some fun facts too! I am sure you will be as surprised as myself at the results! I will not spoil it for you but it looks like I shall be changed supermarkets!


Check out Sim’s Life for other posts!

Help Me!! I Am Growing Old!!

A sign of getting older is that your joints start to ache slightly more than normal… in that case my age must have caught up with recently… and then some!

I have never felt my age more than I do at the moment due to all my aches and pains. Weird really as even though I have flubber, I do go to them gym and walk my dog daily amongst chasing after an active 5 year old and other household chores.

My ankle is playing up at the moment more than ever, howeverI am putting this down to the fact I am sitting cross legged more often… on the bed, on the couch… in fact, generally anywhere it is possible to sit cross legged, something I rarely did as a kid as it gave me pins and needles. A few years ago… an accident that wasn’t an accident, lead  me to skidding on ice and twisting over on my ankle in a sort of semi cartwheel. I heard the bone crack… I felt the bone crack… then I crumbled to the floor in absolute agony. My bottom met the ice, in the middle of the entrance/exit to a car park. Could I be moved? Could I heck! I literally did know how to make an entrance that night!!

Something that I have noticed more and more frequently is due to typing constantly over many years, whether down to study, work or blogging my fingers and hands get ridiculously cold. Considering the speed at which I type, I find it very strange, but after a quick online medical diagnosis, it could quite possibly be vibration white finger (see the infographic below courtesy of Johnson Law). Now I do not operate pneumatic drills or anything like that but it is also down to Repetitive Strain Injury.

Just another ailment to add to my already growing list… I had better stop self diagnosing at some point… the internet may actually turn around and tell me I am sane..! Check out Sim’s Life for other posts!


Getting Ready For a First Date

I am quite meticulous when it comes to planning a date… what to wear, what to go, more importantly who actually to meet.

Being a busy, work at home, single mum my time is precious and I simply cannot just drop what I am doing to meet a man on a spontaneous whim unfortunately.

Though I digress! When it comes to getting ready, I try to plan for a week in advance (this is obviously taking into consideration that the date is a week in advance!) and will know exactly what I am wearing for any eventuality.

Jeans are always a staple in my wardrobe. They can easily be dressed up or down, ready for any occasion. More importantly I love my jeans and feel ridiculously comfy in them. Feeling comfortable will help you feel at ease and this will be conveyed through your body language. Wear an outfit you would not normally wear and you will be very self conscious.

Jewellery, such as the reasoning behind feeling at ease with what you are wearing, if you do not tend to wear jewellery, do not go for the bling look. I tend to keep it to a minimum with the exception of a time piece… not something I wear on daily basis, my watch is a definite special occasion piece. It’s always good to keep a track of how long you have been on the date, always leave them wanting more! If this has given you the urge to buy a new watch then have a look at The Watch Hut for inspiration!

Scent. The phrase more is less certainly comes into play here. It’s best not to spray too much scent on yourself as you certainly do not want your date choking on your fragrance before they can actually see you. Certainly one way to leave a lasting impression, so keep it light and breezy and don’t feel forced to wear a fragrance if this is not something you usually do.

Going out there and having fun is the main point of any date. I’ve certainly had my fair share of memorable first dates… even if it does not go well, it will certainly make for fantastic gossip between friends!

Collaborative Post.