Growing Your Own Vegetables – In Particular Chillies

My attempts at being green fingered have yet again failed miserably. I have been forgetting to water my flourishing seedlings and have yet to re-pot them. I should get my arse into gear and start working on them. I am always jealous of the fantastic vegetables my Dad manages to grow – but I expect living in the South of France with almost year round sun, it is very easy for him to grow vegetables I could never dream of. Such as peppers and chillies… chillies would be awesome… considering how hot and fiery Scotch Bonnet is, would I risk growing some?



Summer Means One Thing – Summer Clothes Sale!

This has to be my favourite time of the year, not just because the weather is becoming increasingly warmer… I can’t exactly say sunnier as I have not seen the sun in a few days, but because it is summer sale season!

With the need to add new threads to mine and Liv’s wardrobes I am hoping we can get some amazing things in my favourite clothes sale.

Even though we are definitely in the Summer season, it was so cold last week I even considered turning on the heating one particular day. This week I have some heavier meals planned and will be finally dusting off my slow cooker to cook hearty meals.

My cousin will be visiting tomorrow and staying over for the evening so I have planned a very scrumptious Beef and Ale pie topped off with a puff pastry lid. Sitting working in the house all day when it is cooking will no doubt be torture as my stomach will be rumbling at the delicious smell.

I also plan to cook a Pork roast in the slow cooker this week, although I am not entirely sure how the crackling will turn out, I may need to blitz that in the oven.

As far as Weight Watchers goes and fitting in my potential new clothes, I am going to prepare for my larger than normal meals but forgoing lunch. Not entirely a great basis on which to control my diet but it does work for me and I find it the best way to control what I am eating and still enjoy a few treats occasionally. I am sure Liv will absolutely love the meals I have planned, she is a huge meat fan just like her Mummy and with another very busy week ahead of us it makes sense to cook meals slowly during the day.

Hopefully the sunny weather will return next week so that we can get back to munching on salads whilst eating in the garden!

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