Handy Money Saving Tips

We may all well be feeling the pinch at the moment, especially parents trying to cope with keeping children entertained over the summer holidays. So here are a few handy hints to either save money or even earn money this summer.

Cashback sites are a fantastic way to earn money, especially if you were going to shop online in the first instance. Topcashback offers money back on purchases from lots of well known online retailers. Over time the money does add up – perfect to save up for the Christmas rush. The site even details of discount codes which can help you save even more money.

Discount codes are in abundance on the internet and with companies offering deals such as 10% off your first order or free delivery, it can be cheaper to shop online than actually going into an actual bricks and mortar store. Also, if you are considering a lovely, family day out then scouring the internet for discounts such as 2-for-1 entry will save you more money than just turning up at the destination on the day.

Selling your own items online is a great way to make money. With websites such as Ebay and Gumtree it is very easy to make money from selling unwanted items. As well as making more room in your house. With companies such as Rapid Parcel, it is very easy to get a good deal on courier and postage costs, which in turn makes your items look more attractive to potential buyers.

imagesSell unwanted DVDs and CDs online to make some extra cash and make space in your collection for new films and music. Netflix and the like are becoming increasingly popular due to the ease of use – films and tv shows literally stream through your games console directly onto your tv – meaning you do not have to store DVD’s that you may never watch again. For a low monthly fee you can watch as much or as little as you like, even Breaking Bad marathons are possible!

Car boot sales are a great source of income, help you declutter your house and can be great fun to take part in as you get to socialise. Haggling is part and parcel of car booting but be prepared to wake up very early in order to secure your space.

These are just a few examples of how you can save money and even earn money. It would be lovely to hear of any other ideas you may have!

Top Tips For Car Journeys With Kids

I’ve found out recently how easy and cheap it is to travel around the UK via train. Especially with a child in tow, however it does mean you are slightly restricted with what you can actually take away with you. If travelling for a couple of days, you can be hard pushed on trying to decide what is necessary to take with you. With the current interchangeable climate too, do you need to take a coat away with you? I would say so!

Travelling by car is far easier and my preferred method to travel. You can fill up your car to your heart’s content, set off when you want and make stops when you want.

Top Tips for Car Journeys With Kids:

Always make sure you are fully prepared to travel – simply check your tyre pressures, top up your windscreen wash, check your water levels (radiator) and possibly carry a spare bottle of water, especially when travelling in hot weather where you could come across delays.

Always be prepared – having previously mentioned packing extra water, it would be a good idea to pack a strong rope in case of the need to tow or be towed. Always make sure you have relevant phone numbers for breakdown or possibly Shatterscreen in case you notice a chip on your windscreen. It’s better to solve the problem straightaway.

Pack lots of food and drink – it goes without saying really. You have the space (depending on car size) so make sure you pack lots of refreshments for the journey, especially if you foresee delays.

Entertainment is key – keeping the kids entertained on long journeys can be hard. Though purchasing new magazines, colouring pencils and books, teddies etc beforehand will provide new stimulation for the journey.

It’s always important to remember to take adequate stops on long journeys, everyone needs to get out and stretch their legs and have a little break. There is so much to see and experience in the UK and driving holidays certainly give you the freedom to take in your surroundings at your own leisure.

Sacred Heart 7 Day Detox Diet

I have just started on another dieting path and already I am bored! The Sacred Heart Diet was recommended and so Heather and I trundled off to Tesco yesterday to pick up everything we needed. It had to be the longest grocery shop I have ever been on, not due to all the vegetables and fruit we needed to stock up on but the Scan and Shop devices we were using. Never again, that is all I say! Waste of time and the novelty of scanning my own shopping as I walk around Tesco soon wore off.

So… back to the diet… we stocked up on LOTS of fruit and vegetables and not enough meat for my liking! It is a detox diet so it is to be expected – I needed the excuse to get back on the water and leave the alcohol and carbonated drinks alone and this is certainly it!

Ingredients – American measures you need the following to make the actual soup…

1 or 2 cans of stewed tomotoes – I just purchased can tomatoes and squashed them

3 large onions

1 can of Beef broth

Bunch of celery (I didn’t put any in mine)

2 cans of green beans

2lbs of carrots – expect to do a lot of chopping!

2 green peppers

Chop all the vegetables into small chunks – whack everything in a pan, flash boil for 10 minutes and then simmer till the veggies are tender. I then blended some of the soup and portioned out into containers. The soup is actually rather yummy and considering you need to eat it every day then it’s a good thing! The full diet can be found here.

The 7 day detox is quite easy to follow on paper but hard in reality – it’s boring! The second day for me will be awful however I am pretty sure it will work so I shall do my best to stick at it and reap the rewards!