A Classic Approach: Ensure Your Home Is Full Of Timeless Charm

Wanting to switch up your interior space, will mean that you’ll want to add plenty of character and charm so that you feel comfortable, cosy, and surrounded by your personality. If you favour classic pieces and period interiors; it can sometimes be a challenge to create a livable and functional space, and not make your home look like Downton Abbey. Lacklustre and plain environments shouldn’t overwhelm you; think of them as a blank canvas, and enjoy the fun of deciding how your living space wil look. If you feel like putting William Morris printed wallpaper up all over your house is a step too far, don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to enrich your space with a few key pieces.

You might choose to buy items brand new, love an auction house, or spend your Saturdays exploring reclamation yards and second-hand shops for your furniture and accessories are out there for you to discover. Once you have a clear idea of the era you like the look of, you’ll be able to start utilising sites like Pinterest, or even create a physical mood-board of your own. Having something to reference when you’re on the hunt for your special pieces will make it easier to narrow things down and make decisions on your purchase. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who are ready to purchase the larger items that can give a home plenty of vintage character, and will last them for the years ahead.

Classic Approach

Sit Down And Relax

Once you see beautiful sofas and armchairs that will fit into your theme and interior style; snap them up straight away. It’s worth looking at a sofa direct from manufacturer so that you can get something bespoke for your home. You can always reupholster items with fabric that suits the era or give them a modern or quirky twist with something unique. However, it’s the shape, style, and silhouette of the furniture that will really push a room back into whatever year you want to channel. You can always use your local storage company to keep items dry and safe until you’ve sold or got rid of your old three-piece-suite, sometimes you won’t have the time to think about that until after your purchase, but they’ll be totally worth it.

Rest Your Head

If you fancy a vintage, boudoir-inspired bedroom; be on the lookout for classic four-poster bed frames. Headboards are a great way to add a certain style to a plain divan or base, and these can also be upholstered or painted to bring it back to life again. Have fun with your sheets, soft furnishing, and throws; prints and colours can be changed easily through the use of fabric, and you can update the look of the whole bedroom with a fresh take on your bedlinen. Putting the effort into updating and upcycling items will give you unique vintage furniture that nobody else will have, and your home will look great too. You’ll need somewhere comfy to sleep after all that decorating you’ve been dong!

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