An Old Home For Your Modern Family

Many of us love the idea of living in an old home. There’s something wonderful about the idea of a house with history. Plus, old properties have buckets more character than most new builds. And, character is a priority for many of us. Nothing beats a few wooden beams and the sloping ceilings of old builds. They’re the definition of quaint.

But, it would be naive to assume that all old houses are suitable for modern families. Unlike when buying a new build, the chances are that you’ll have a fair bit to consider before you can move in. There’s just no getting around the fact that old houses weren’t built with modern living in mind.

The good news, it’s not difficult to adjust the purpose to suit your needs. All it takes is a little modern thinking and considering the following pointers.

An Old Home For Your Modern Family

Check the foundations

Before you can even move in, you need to check that the foundations are solid. For the most part, housing foundations haven’t changed over the years. But, you could face issues with rotting wood, infestations, and other problems. Before you buy, you should get a survey carried out for this exact reason. But, even if the property passes, there could be small niggles which need addressing. It’s crucial you fix these as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll put the safety of your family at risk.


You’ll also find that you need to upgrade certain aspects of your home. Old windows, for example, are rarely enough for modern needs. The glass used in the past was thinner than we’re used to. It could invite damp and condensation issues into the home. Bear in mind that any old windows could ruin the exterior of your authentic home. Instead, head to companies like Buckingham Double Glazing who offer residence 9 windows, which use timber to achieve a traditional look. Options like these will fit much better with the rest of the house.

You may also need to replace your boiler system. Old boilers are terrible for the environment and your bank account. There’s no denying that replacements can be costly, but it’s a move which could save you money in the long run.

Repurpose rooms

It’s also worth bearing in mind that room uses were often different in old house designs. For example, it wasn’t unusual to have both a summer and winter living room. Plus, there could be various dining areas for entertaining guests. These are traditions we don’t necessarily keep anymore. But, by repurposing some of these rooms, you could make this the ideal family home.  One of the living rooms, for example, would make the perfect play area for your kids to enjoy. You could transform any unnecessary dining spaces into studies or libraries. Your kids could even use them to do their homework. All you need to do is get creative and consider modern uses for the old layout. In no time, you’ll have a house fit for the most modern family.

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