Who Knew Choosing Toilet Roll Was So Hard!

Who knew that choosing toilet roll was such an arduous task… it is though isn’t it?

Scanning the aisles in the supermarket, you are faced with double lined, triple lined, aloe vera lined… arrrrrrrgh I really just want to wipe my sizeable behind with something soft… not that hard really is it?!


Bathrooms.com have clearly been faced with the same decisions as myself and have put some serious thought into their ‘Annual Budget Roll’ – their findings from a survey compiled with students from Swansea University.

They looked into softness, absorbency, the length of the roll and the individual sheet size. They pretty much covered all bases!

Their findings can be found on their Annual Budget Roll page with some fun facts too! I am sure you will be as surprised as myself at the results! I will not spoil it for you but it looks like I shall be changed supermarkets!


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