Christmas Is Around The Corner… My Fave Time Of The Year!

I absolutely love this time of year, Autumn definitely has to be my favourite season. It’s finally acceptable to drink several cups of hot Vimto a day, drink hot chocolate until you simply cannot eat another marshmallow and scoff stews and super yummy casseroles like there is no tomorrow.

On a crisp dog walk this morning I even managed to  pick up some conkers I found on the ground. It really did take me back to my childhood where I used to collect buckets full of them and sell them for 5p! I never did actually feed laces through them, that would ruin their wondrous chocolate coloured outer shell. Instead I would literally gaze at them! Some things never change!

One thing I am beyond excited about is Christmas and the fact it is now less than 11 weeks away! Slightly less organised than usual, I have finally started stocking up on Christmas present and will be utilising all the vouchers I have saved up this year for the occasion.

It’s always a nightmare at Christmas time due to so many birthdays so close to the actual big day. Lucky for me it really does only come around once a year!

I doubt I will be buying a Christmas Cake this year, they never seem to be eaten and are such an expense. In fact over the weekend, my daughter and I decided to make a Devil’s Chocolate cake, with a pre-mixed chocolate cake mix and chocolate butter cream icing. It is simply delicious but am very surprised it has lasted this long! The cake is actually missing a lot of the extra chocolate buttons it should have but I can forgive that!


So this year, if people really are expecting a cake, I shall have no hesitation in making another of these fantastic cakes, simply for the fact they are so easy and quick to make but are still so delicious!

Roll on Christmas… for wrapping paper, Christmas card writing all whilst partaking in sipping on mulled wine in front of the fire! Bliss!

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