Handy Homework Hints For Parents!


Kids hate homework because they’d rather spend their time watching TV or playing video games. A select few even leave the house for fresh air and socialising purposes. Parents, apart from asking “have you done it yet?” like to take a backseat. After all, you’re no longer at school, thank God! However, it isn’t only the children who should have an interest in their education. If a parent wants their child to be academically-inclined, mums and dads need to get involved. As a sounding board, you can offer invaluable support and one-on-one teaching which they may not get at school. Plus, it’s an excellent way to bond. You can’t deny that being a geek is cool nowadays.

So, how can you change your approach and take more interest? Well, you can begin by considering the following. Here are handy homework hints for adults.

Create A Routine

A routine is vital in all walks of life. As a fully-fledged grown-up, you know that tackling tasks in order is efficient and effective. Kids lack the immaturity to see that, so they procrastinate. Plus, they are children, and that means they like to separate school from home. There are mistakes you can afford them to make, but not having a routine isn’t one. So, it’s always a good idea to gently encourage them to complete their homework as soon as possible. The saying that they will have the rest of the day to themselves is clichéd but true. Some mums and dads like to put their foot down and ban privileges until homework is complete. Use the method which best suits your parenting style.

Monitor But Don’t Rewrite

Because you want your child to shine, it may be tempting to lend a helping hand. Please don’t because it covers over the cracks. Homework is a reflection of what students understand in class. Therefore, mistakes are essential for personal growth. An adult who butts in and provides the right answer is only cheating themselves and their child. Always be there to help should they get stuck because homework can be tricky. However, rather than spoon feeding them, put them on the right path. Hopefully, they should then be able to find their destination alone. Anyway, standing over their shoulder watching their every move is unsettling.

Get Creative

The quest for knowledge is the only way to get kids to learn. Reading out reams of spiel is only going to bore them and cause them to lose focus. Like everyone in life, children want to have fun. If there is a level of enjoyment, the odds are high they will learn more. Also, they will continue to work hard because it is something which is enjoyable. Sometimes, it isn’t possible to enjoy homework as the guidelines are strict and inflexible. However, some projects may have room for cordless glue guns, arts and crafts and a slideshow. For example, as a team, you may create visual stimuli to supplement a research paper. Or, rather than read a presentation from cue cards, you can get creative on Microsoft PowerPoint.

Talk To The Teacher

It’s vital to work as a team, son or daughter and mum and dad in perfect harmony. However, the dynamic also relates to a teacher and a parent. For one thing, kids behave differently in front of their parents than in a classroom. So, you may need to communicate to avoid disruptions. Just as important is the need to talk to a teacher to help your child with their homework. Subjects today are not taught in the same way as when you were in school, which causes friction and confusion. With a print out from the teacher, you can use the info to strengthen your bond. Without a point of contact, this won’t happen.

Be Patient

Any parent will know that a meltdown is imminent. Again, because kids aren’t mature enough, they struggle to process their emotions. As a result, everything from fits of anger to tears can occur. Parents aren’t saints and do react from time to time; however, it’s best to limit outbursts. As a rule, children respond better to an arm around the shoulder than a telling off. So, letting them vent for a little while is always a savvy tactic. Then, you can sit down, talk and get back to work. Patience doesn’t come easy to some people, so you may need to practice.

Last but not least, let them take breaks. Kids have a short attention span and need to refresh their brains. Come to think of it, so do parents!

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