Here’s To Valentine’s Day!!

Sometimes a little help really does go a long way. I am still trying to catch up from a ridiculously long Christmas and January. So much has happened recently and I don’t even know where it starts and stops.

I came across Quintessentially who offer a luxury and lifestyle concierge service – taking away every day tasks that take up time you cannot afford. To have someone who can book restaurants, arrange childcare to name but a few things would be pretty awesome.

I’m currently arranging for Valentine’s weekend and rather randomly have agreed to a sleep over with my friend’s two children, plus my own daughter. I am already starting to stress about keeping them entertained – a member’s only club that can arrange everything for me sounds like a god send at this moment in time.

The most romantic day of the year and I am going to be babysitting 3 children who will no doubt not want to go to bed early!

I am hoping that I can record a few films during the week that they may like to watch so I had better stock up on popcorn and other goodies now. Making sure I hide them as I doubt they will survive the week if Liv knows that there are delicious goodies in the house!

One thing I would love someone to arrange for me is a holiday – to simply pick up my passport and know that all my travel itinerary has been planned for me down perfectly. Somewhere sunny, with a beach location and a fully stocked bar offering refreshing strawberry daiquiris on tap would be ideal. It has been so long since I had a lovely, relaxing holiday I have actually forgotten what a relaxing holiday is!

I will certainly be dreaming of the aforementioned holiday on Friday evening!

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