Making A Statement In Your Living Space

Are you bored of your living space? Do you want to wow your guests every time they enter your home? You need to make a statement. Making a statement in your living space can be done in a variety of ways. It’s a lot of fun, and really doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few helpful tips you can use when you want to make a statement in your living space:

Incorporate Larger Accessories

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners tend to make when trying to make a statement in their living space is buying lots of smaller accessories and thinking that it will improve the look of their home. Smaller accessories might be pretty on their own, but they can actually make a place look cluttered.

Instead of small accessories, hold out until you find larger accessories that you really like. You may only need one or two larger accessories in a room, and that will be enough to make an impact and finish it off. Hold out for an accessory that you really like – don’t just buy one for the sake of it. These larger accessories will often make your home look more put together and glamorous.

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Figure Out How To Incorporate Pattern

Incorporating pattern into your living space is a fantastic way to make a statement. You can include as little or as much as you like. If you’re going to include more than one pattern, there are a few guidelines you should look at following to make sure that it turns out right. Using an odd number is a good idea, such as three, and make sure you use around 10% of one, 30% of another, and 60% of another for a look that suits the space perfectly. You definitely don’t want to use even amounts of each pattern, because it’ll look strange.

Use Some Of Your Favourite Bright Colours

Make sure you incorporate some of your favourite bright colours, too. Bright colours look awesome against a neutral backdrop, as it really helps them to stand out.

Create A Few Awesome Feature Walls

Every home should have at least one awesome feature wall. Include one or two in your home and you will have nailed interior design. You shouldn’t have one in every single room though, as this would definitely be classed as overkill. To create your feature walls, you can use artwork, photographs, a mural, patterned wallpaper – just about anything you can imagine.

Choose Your Focal Point

In each room there should be a focal point; something the eye is drawn to when a person enters the room. Make sure you know what your focal point is and work on enhancing it and balancing out the room to create the best possible look. Your room may have a focal point already built in, for example, such as fancy traditional windows or a chandelier. You might want to add one yourself. Make sure you consider what yours is and you will be able to better make a statement in each room.

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