The Bathroom: How to Upgrade Without Splashing Out

Now, the bathroom might be arguably one of the most important rooms in the house. It may not have the same level importance as the front room at first glance, after all, it’s not like you get the guests to sit around in the bathroom while you fetch them tea. But just think about it for a second, chances are, they are also all going to use the bathroom at one point too. At that point leaving you with the rest of the guests, waiting in anticipation, hoping there will be no comment on the state of the bathroom upon their return, knowing damn well you should have fixed it up ages ago. Not to mention, a more beautiful bathroom wouldn’t hurt any of the actual residents of the house either, everyone would like a change of scenery while showering or sitting on the toilet. Without further ado, let’s look at a few ways in which you could refresh your bathroom without having to redo the whole thing!


Repainting the walls

When painting the kitchen, people often go for some red or maybe orangey colours, then the living room is usually either neutral, like white or vanilla or something a bit warmer. But then what colour should the bathroom be? Unless literally all the bathroom walls are covered in tiles, you probably have some space to work with when it comes to repainting. Bathrooms tend to be a bit more flexible when it comes to colours, so you have quite the array to choose from, but the most usual and common, tested, colours are tranquil and aquatic. Pale blues for your marine interior, soft greens for a spa-like appeal, maybe some ash-grey for a refreshing take on the idea.

Default white never fails either, but keep in mind that it can look a bit worn after being exposed to constant humidity and moisture in the bathroom compared to other colours. If you want to go for something warmer, some dark colours fit the bill surprisingly well. Charcoal and other softer greys prove to be an excellent contrasting colour to the usually-white tiles of the average bathroom, creating a more homely atmosphere rather than feeling sterile and hospital-esque.

Some new bits and bobs

You don’t have to redo the whole thing to keep things fresh. Maintaining the existing, while adding on top is the next best thing, and a lot cheaper too, not everyone’s a millionaire. A new rug for the bathroom can be an absolute godsend. Fluffy rugs could possibly be the best thing you can feel with your feet when you get out of the shower, nobody wants to make contact with the ice-cold tiles straight away. A new rug can really freshen up the place too, since it probably covers a decent chunk of the floor, giving the whole room a bit of a facelift. If you are out of ideas or don’t know what kind of style you should go for, you can always look at some online stores like to look for inspiration.


Your existing faucet has probably seen better days in its prime, now showing a bit of rust and a few scratches here and there. Installing a new one is a relatively simple job and could give you that well-deserved upgrade you were after. A new sink might be amazing too, but that often comes with a whole set of tasks which might prove to be a bit costly. Fitting it into a new cabinet, redoing all the piping, the whole song and dance. Remember that keeping it simple will not only prove effective, like it has countless times in the past, but cheaper too!

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