Tying The Knot During The Festive Season? How To Look Amazing For Your Wedding


What better time to get married than during Christmas? We all love to look great every day, especially on our wedding! This is a time which is dedicated to you and your partner, so you want to look your very best as all eyes will be on you. With a few helpful tips and thought-out preparations, you’ll be a beauty for those wedding photos.

Plan your outfit…carefully

Not thinking through their wedding outfit is a flaw which most brides make and regret. Buying the first dress you see just because the deal was good is not always the way to go. Have a couple of wedding gowns in mind and use the helpful input from friends and family. When you eventually find your dream dress, store it in a zippered garment bag after purchasing it. If you’re stuck on the what shoes or accessories to get, look at a few bridal magazines, they’re jam-packed with loads of festive ideas and different styles which might interest you! If you’re still planning your wedding, make use of your time to find a dress which will suit you.

Stay healthy and active

Being active and eating better during the months before your wedding, is the key rule to look fabulous on your big day. By finding a workout routine, a fitness-related hobby or a healthier diet which suits you, you’ll not only look fitter but feel more confident in yourself. You could even get your partner involved in your fitness regime and make them lose a bit of tummy fat too! You might even enjoy it so much, that you continue doing it after the wedding day and schedule it into everyday life.

Makeup and hair trials are a must


You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘being prepared is half the victory’, well this applies to everything. If you want a relaxed and successful wedding, it’s essential to have all the preparations in order. This involves beauty treatments too! Get all of your girls together and let them do a few hair and makeup trials on you. If you’re struggling for space in your house to accommodate them, see these 6 Style Ideas to Get Your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays. By doing this, you’re preparing yourself and avoiding any hiccups which may occur on the day.

Look yourself, not someone else

One of the worst things you can do while getting ready is making yourself look completely different. Yes, you could try makeup you’ve never used before or go for that hairstyle you’ve always wanted, but don’t have any drastic makeovers on your wedding day. This is just asking for a disaster! Be proud of your original features and let everyone admire your natural beauty.

Prepare a ‘Wedding Day Survival Kit’


You may or may not have heard about this, but it can be a lifesaver on your wedding day. Typically referred to as the ‘just in case’ items, this survival kit comprises of beauty essentials such as tweezers, toothpicks, extra undergarments, breath mints and deodorant. During the dinner/reception, your bridesmaid can keep hold of this little bag of goodies and always be there with the supplies which keep you looking fresh.

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