Warmer and Wealthier this Winter


It’s starting to get cold and for many of us in this country, that means a lot more time spent feeling chilly and much bigger fuel bills than at the rest of the year. It doesn’t have to!

Here are some simple things you can do to ensure that you’re warmer and wealthier this winter:

Feathers are Your Friend

If you can, investing in goose feather duvets for every member of your family is a good idea. Although they might be a little more expensive than your average duvet, they are many times warmer, and they will enable you to use your heating less, at night, at least. They’ll also last you for a few winters, so they will pay for themselves and more, and more importantly, you will be cosy when you retire for the evening.    

Become a Curtain King or Queen

You might think that curtains are there for nothing more than privacy and show, but they are actually a very useful tool in regulating room temperature. During winter, you should open all of your curtains and blinds during the day, to make the most of the free warmth provided by the sun. In the evenings you should close them to add some extra insulation around the windows, which are, of course, one of the biggest areas for heat loss.

Turn on a Timer

If you have a boiler with a timer (you probably do), the Centre for Sustainable Energy says that it is a good idea to set the boiler to turn on around half an hour before you wake, but at a lower temperature than you would usually set it. They say that this is a more affordable way of heating your home to a standard that keeps you cosy.

Move Your Furniture


If you have furniture resting up against your radiator, even if it’s your sofa, you’ll feel warmer and pay less money for your heating, if you move it away. Why Because your furniture will absorb a lot of the available heat, meaning it never reaches you or the rest of the room – you’ll literally be wasting money if you leave your furniture in the way!

Layer Up

Of course, one of the most cost-effective ways to warm yourself up is by dressing for the weather. The best way to dress for cold weather is undoubtedly by layering up. Why? Not only because the more layers you have, the warmer you’ll naturally be, but because layers trap air and air is a natural insulator – it’s a no-brainer!

Block Draughts

It’s obvious, but it’s worth mentioning because many people don’t bother to use draught excluders or fill in cracks in their home before winter sets in, but doing so is a simple way to increase warmth and cut down on energy usage within any home.

With these tips in your arsenal, you can beat winter at its own game by staying warm and keeping your utility bills down, which means more money in the bank come spring sprucing time!

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