Working Around Refitting A Cosy Kitchen

Everyone loves a good cosy kitchen; somewhere we can be warmed by the stove, heat up some healthy and hearty soup, and have a good natter in a breakfast nook with our friends and family. Sound picturesque? It should! However, it doesn’t have to be as much of a dream as you think, as some kitchen fittings are a lot cheaper than others, and we can often just switch out some of the decorations to make the whole place look the way we want it to.

Because something is a little past orientated doesn’t mean they can’t look a little luxury! Try out a few of these ideas if you want to make your kitchen seem more enclosed and cosy around you, and have a better time when it comes to serving up the evening meal.


Look Around Charity Shops

Your local heart foundation or Oxfam shop are going to have plenty of furniture pieces for you to invest in, and often at a quarter of the original price. Any pieces you can buy from here, such as tables, chairs, and sideboards, can be repainted to give them more of a glossy look, whilst still being industrial and cozy.

This gives the place a sense of your grandma’s cute and cosy kitchen with her aga, or the industrious, hard working families we see all the time in those period dramas. Use any tables you find as a movable island counter, and places some barstools or chairs around one side to make it more functional whilst still giving yourself manoeuvrability. A sideboard placed against a bare wall can act as a focal point, and is a good place to store the gold plated cutlery ready for the New Year’s Eve meal.

You can even mix and match traditional and contemporary to make your kitchen look good warm and cute at the same time. Designers like that of have shown how well these pieces work together!

Do Away with Your Cabinets

Overhead cabinets can be a bit of a problem when you’re of the taller variety. Are you the kind of person who’s constantly banging their head on the doors when they’re open? Maybe you just hate the restricting element of cupboard space? Then maybe this option is for you.

Instead of using cupboards, replace them with some shelving, which you can of course paint, and store all your jars and crockery out in the open. Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing move to make, it also means you’ll never forget about the packet of pasta which you accidentally end up buying double of, and means the plates are kept clean and shiny for use whenever; you can get yourself easily into some better habits this way!

Hang Your Pans Overhead

Having an island space is one thing, but having a hanging island over the top of that is another! It’s a great use of open space that keeps storage out of the way whilst still being reachable and helping the cosy element. Just imagine the sprigs of parsley or lavender you could string down from it, ready to just grab and spice up a few of your homemade creations.

Look for Bronze Sink Fittings

Okay, so the idea of a bronze sink doesn’t fly well with a lot of modern designs, however, it’s cozy and traditional, and just finishes off the perfect look for your old timey cookhouse. It adds plenty of charm to your room, and they’re also incredibly easy to clean without scrubbing away any of the finish.

When we think of 19th century stately homes, and the kitchens that work full time underneath castles, we think of bronze sinks. If you like this picture in your head, it might be time to look into your sink options, and start washing the dishes in style. Search sites such as for a full range of taps, sinks, and the like, right at your fingertips. The modern works in our favour when the ease of shopping online comes into it!

So it turns out it’s quite easy! You don’t have to completely fork out for a new kitchen, as a bit of good monochrome wallpaper, or neutral tones on your cabinets and fridge door can go far. Throw a good cotton tablecloth over your island table, paint a bit of white over the backs of those second hand oak chairs, and you’ve got yourself a little throw of luxury in your cosy, functional kitchen.

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