Top Tips For Car Journeys With Kids

I’ve found out recently how easy and cheap it is to travel around the UK via train. Especially with a child in tow, however it does mean you are slightly restricted with what you can actually take away with you. If travelling for a couple of days, you can be hard pushed on trying to decide what is necessary to take with you. With the current interchangeable climate too, do you need to take a coat away with you? I would say so!

Travelling by car is far easier and my preferred method to travel. You can fill up your car to your heart’s content, set off when you want and make stops when you want.

Top Tips for Car Journeys With Kids:

Always make sure you are fully prepared to travel – simply check your tyre pressures, top up your windscreen wash, check your water levels (radiator) and possibly carry a spare bottle of water, especially when travelling in hot weather where you could come across delays.

Always be prepared – having previously mentioned packing extra water, it would be a good idea to pack a strong rope in case of the need to tow or be towed. Always make sure you have relevant phone numbers for breakdown or possibly Shatterscreen in case you notice a chip on your windscreen. It’s better to solve the problem straightaway.

Pack lots of food and drink – it goes without saying really. You have the space (depending on car size) so make sure you pack lots of refreshments for the journey, especially if you foresee delays.

Entertainment is key – keeping the kids entertained on long journeys can be hard. Though purchasing new magazines, colouring pencils and books, teddies etc beforehand will provide new stimulation for the journey.

It’s always important to remember to take adequate stops on long journeys, everyone needs to get out and stretch their legs and have a little break. There is so much to see and experience in the UK and driving holidays certainly give you the freedom to take in your surroundings at your own leisure.

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