Sacred Heart 7 Day Detox Diet

I have just started on another dieting path and already I am bored! The Sacred Heart Diet was recommended and so Heather and I trundled off to Tesco yesterday to pick up everything we needed. It had to be the longest grocery shop I have ever been on, not due to all the vegetables and fruit we needed to stock up on but the Scan and Shop devices we were using. Never again, that is all I say! Waste of time and the novelty of scanning my own shopping as I walk around Tesco soon wore off.

So… back to the diet… we stocked up on LOTS of fruit and vegetables and not enough meat for my liking! It is a detox diet so it is to be expected – I needed the excuse to get back on the water and leave the alcohol and carbonated drinks alone and this is certainly it!

Ingredients – American measures you need the following to make the actual soup…

1 or 2 cans of stewed tomotoes – I just purchased can tomatoes and squashed them

3 large onions

1 can of Beef broth

Bunch of celery (I didn’t put any in mine)

2 cans of green beans

2lbs of carrots – expect to do a lot of chopping!

2 green peppers

Chop all the vegetables into small chunks – whack everything in a pan, flash boil for 10 minutes and then simmer till the veggies are tender. I then blended some of the soup and portioned out into containers. The soup is actually rather yummy and considering you need to eat it every day then it’s a good thing! The full diet can be found here.

The 7 day detox is quite easy to follow on paper but hard in reality – it’s boring! The second day for me will be awful however I am pretty sure it will work so I shall do my best to stick at it and reap the rewards!


6 thoughts on “Sacred Heart 7 Day Detox Diet

  1. you’d better blumin stick to it now, i’ve got a fridge full of soup and I’m not doing it alone. ha ha. it’s just one week and will be worth it in the end.

    • Hahah lucky you with the lie-in’s! I am childfree at the moment which seems to give everyone the right to call me early in the morning… 🙁 x

  2. Some people we speak to keep a diary of their detox. They write down how they are feeling and their thoughts through out and refer back each morning to focus on achieving their goals. One other thing to bare in mind is that if you are going to detox there are things to do pre detox. There are plenty of informative sites online showing pre detox guidelines.

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