Decorating OUR Home… Time For Our New Start

I really should not be spending time writing this blog post, if anything I should be spending it tidying up after Liv considering my parents arrive in less than 24 hours! It has been absolutely manic recently and with another two very busy weekends coming up I am struggling to keep on top of everything.

My Home Improvement project has been put on the back burner for a while whilst I get myself sorted. though I know my Mum and Dad are itching to help me put mine and Liv’s stamp on OUR home. I am sure if Liv had her way the OUR house would be pink, though fortunately I get to decide on 95% of the colour schemes in OUR house!

accent-black-gloss-sideboard_1295446688The colour scheme for the kitchen is quite an easy one to decide upon as the cupboards and floor tiles are a mixture of black and white – with a large open plan kitchen and dining room, the main feature wall is papered with a very funky blank and white floral wallpaper. I have a black glass dining table but could really do with some other black glass furniture, similar to some things I’ve seen on FADS here, to provide extra storage and match the gloss cupboard doors

That is the main problem in OUR house, we severely lack storage and with all our girlie things – quite a large area in our fridge is filled with nail varnishes after all!

There are plenty of sales on at the moment but I really must try my hardest to stay away from the Next Directory sale as I know full well that I will most likely purchase clothes as opposed to items for OUR house.

Now that storage is at the forefront of my mind, it is definitely something that I need to look more closely into. Either that or I could just declutter the units we already have. Though in all honesty a fresh start calls for fresh ideas and items and a clear out is probably long overdue!

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