Enjoying The Weather And Having Fun In The Garden

The past couple of weeks have whizzed by in a blur of garden parties and BBQ’s. It has been great for my daughter and I to get out and about and enjoy lazy days with our close friends whilst enjoying the marvellous heat wave we are currently experiencing.

Living in the garden, quite literally is great! As a sun worshipper I have already started developing a fantastic tan that I hope will keep me going throughout the summer 🙂 My daughter on the other hand does not worship the sun, for the simple fact she has much fairer skin than I so I really do need to keep a close eye on her. Getting her to sit down and enjoy time outside is also hard.

All Garden Fun!!

All Garden Fun!!

Children love to just run around and jump in paddling pools when the weather is this hot… as do adults I am sure. Though unfortunately a paddling pool alone is not enough to keep my daughter occupied. She needs more garden toys to keep her entertained and active.

Surely it’s about all garden fun and keeping everyone entertained and happy… as well as cool! We love to fill water pistols and run around the garden squirting them at each other. So much fun and definitely cooling!

I have found freezing Frubes, the tubes of yoghurt is a nifty and quick idea – much healthier than going through tubs of ice cream and so much easier to dispense too. When the weather is this warm, spending hours in the kitchen can be a nightmare and all I personally want to do is chill in the garden with a cold beer. Quick snacks are much easier to source, open and do not really need cooking… bonus!

Leaving more playtime! I am pretty sure my electricity bill will be much cheaper this month considering all the time we have spent out and about. Can only ever be a good thing! 🙂

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