Getting Involved at Your Child’s School

Not all parents have the opportunity to get involved at their kid’s school. After all, they may be too busy with work or other commitments. However, if you find yourself with some availability, you may be wondering whether to get involved and how to go about it. Read on to find out everything you need to know.


Should you get involved with your child’s school?

A lot of parents struggle to decide whether they should get involved or not. It is completely up to you, yet there are a number of benefits associated with doing so. As a parent volunteer, not only will you offer great support for the school community, but you will also show your children just how important it is to participate in the larger community. They will see you participating in something outside of your job, and this sets a great example. It will also enable you to get a better understanding of what your child does on a daily basis.

How to get involved:

There are a number of different ways you can get involved with your child’s school. This makes it possible for you to find something that is completely tailored to you; something that fits in with the time you have available and what you feel comfortable with. So, let’s go over some examples…

One way to get involved now and again is to volunteer as a helper for school trips. This is a great way for you to find out how beneficial the cultural trips your child goes on are. Not only this, but teachers and school staff could really do with the extra assistance on trips, and so you will find that this is the sort of help that will be really welcomed.

If you have a field of expertise, you may want to attend one of the school’s career days to do a speech, or you could offer to come in and speak in the classroom. You may even want to spend time at a specific interest group or club if it is an area that you have experience in.

Parents can also help by working with the orchestra or school band, as well as building sets and sewing costumes for musical and theatrical productions. Or, if you are good at helping your child with their homework, why not volunteer to be a classroom assistant?

Some parents do not want to be present at school while their children are, as they don’t want to steal their thunder so to speak. There are still ways you can make an impact if this applies to you. For example, you could become a part of the school board, enabling you to attend important school meetings and give your viewpoint. This is a great way to have a positive impact on the future of your child without being directly involved with them.

Finally, other suggestions include assisting gym teachers and coaches with sports and fitness programs, acting as a playground or lunchroom monitor, organising fundraising events, and volunteering in the school computer lab.

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