3 Habits for Creating Harmony in a Family Home


Maintaining harmony in a family home isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely an ambition worth pursuing despite all the odds and the apparent obstacles in the way. No one wants their home life to be a series of different stresses and arguments blended together, and with children of a certain age — and especially with teenagers — it can all too easily end up becoming that way.

A harmonious home isn’t just a great thing for your own sense of mental wellbeing, it’s also naturally a more positive and nurturing environment for your kids, and a much better proposition for your relationship with your spouse or partner.

Below are several things you can do to help promote harmony in the home.

Give everyone their space

Many people find themselves becoming disheartened at the idea that the different members of the family would want to isolate themselves off in their rooms, or in different corners of the home, and not interact with each other.

But while this is indeed a problem if it becomes the norm in your household, it can actually be healthy for everyone to have their own space and solitude now and then — even married couples.

Sometimes people just need a little space to process their own thoughts and explore their own interests solo. This doesn’t mean that they love the family any less, but that they aren’t exclusively social at all times day and night.

Teenagers, especially, are going through a strange and difficult time, and while you should always be aware of what’s going on in their lives and offer them your parental guidance, support, and authority as required, it’s also healthy to let them be alone from time to time.

You’ll likely find that if everyone in the home is given a bit of space when they need it, arguments can be avoided, and a more harmonious and pleasant situation can be allowed to prevail.

Try to do activities together at least once a week

On the flip-side of everyone in the family needing their space from time to time, is the fact that families also need to spend time together and bond, not only to ensure that they have the opportunity to cherish each other, but also so that they can relax, communicate, and enjoy memories and shared experiences which can improve trust and communication in the home.

Try and have a dedicated family activity night at least once a week, whether in the form of a board game evening, or a regular weekend trip to some interesting landmark, cultural institution, or adventure retreat.

Have dinner together

The simple act of having dinner together at a set time can sometimes be a source of tension in the home, if one or more members of the family are stressed or in a  bad mood, but there are numerous benefits to it as well. Not only can it be a great excuse to get an authentic dinner table made up from wood courtesy of George Hill Timber, it also creates a good sense of order, stability, and routine in the home.

On top of that, it keeps the family in touch with one another on a day-to-day basis, and allows for conversation and catching up, at times when everyone might otherwise be too preoccupied with their own concerns.

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