Simple Winter Home Care Tips To Keep You Cozy & Peaceful


The cold nights are drawing in, and with them an abundance of home maintenance issues likely to rear their head. If you haven’t already become well versed in what to do to achieve a state of property equilibrium while entering the colder periods, you’re surely in the right place. Winter is the time of year where the harshest weather conditions are likely to spring up, and home difficulties you never knew existed will come marching to the forefront of your maintenance budget.

For this reason, taking a pre-emptive stance against the difficulties of wid-winter home repair can save you plenty of money and effort long-term. After all, winter should be a time of peaceful relaxation with loved ones and family members, but if you’re worried about how your home is holding up, your time to experience that is slightly stolen from you.

Luckily, you were wise enough to click on this article, and as such it’s only right to provide you with some of the best winter home care tips you can get your hands on.


It’s important to make sure that all of your home appliances and energy faculties are functioning as intended. Checking the boiler, the water pipes and all of your ventilation systems will require a trained eye, but the cost of a callout can be well-warranted here. Just make sure you hire a reputable trader who isn’t likely to find work where there isn’t any actually needed. Remember, this time of the year folks are looking for an increase to their winter financial padding, so make sure all of your quoted work is thoroughly checked, justified, and provided with a second qualified opinion.

Garden Care

It’s important to take care of your garden at this time of year, because it will quickly become dishevelled in the harsh weather conditions.The mess of fall often leaves you with a garden replete with leaves, so making sure these are brushed aside and fed to the compost can help as soon as the colder weather draws in and freezes everything.Not only this, but making sure dead and hanging branches are taken care of and trimmed now can prevent them from falling when the cold makes their stability brittle. This is especially important if you have any large trees hanging over an often used pathway.

If you need to, make sure to grit the frozen paths to your property each morning to prevent falls. That also includes your driveway. It’s helpful to grit thoroughly on driveways prone to freezing, especially if you must drive on an incline to enter or exit the parking space. Make sure your children know the dangers here so they aren’t as happy to run out into a space where a car might be driving with a little less control than usual.

Air Conditioning

This is not the time you need air conditioning, unless you live in Australia of course. If you do, this tip should come in handy in around six months. Cover up your air conditioning units to prevent any excess freezing air from entering your property and effectively eschewing your heating bill’s value.

Higher Tog Bedsheets

Now is the time to truly indulge in your comforting home furnishings. Opt for a much more insulating and comfortable higher tog bed clothing, and you can be sure to stay toasty, cosy and warm for longer. Not only this, but it will allow you to keep the window ajar at night and let fresh air in, something many people neglect to do in the winter. It’s important to keep this in mind, because often a lack of fresh air can lead to respiratory problems and a lack of deep, meaningful sleep. Just make sure you’re warm in a new bedspread before you do this.


Make sure you pay attention to where water could freeze. Could this be a leaky pipe, an unfinished drain network or shoddy roofing insulation? No matter where you identify it, enact repairs immediately. Water is likely to freeze during the depths of winter, and this can lead to plenty of property damage. Heating and refreezing water can lead to an accelerated means of damp also, so be sure to stay on guard and explore the hard to reach/hard to see angles of your property first.


Doors aren’t impervious to the cold conditions either. Often, they require an even more deft touch to repair in time for the freezing weather. For example, oiling or lubricating door hinges can help vintage wooden doors with cast-iron hinges from wearing out and becoming squeaky. Renewed bifold door components supplied by Debar Ltd can future-proof your entrances and dividing doors for some time. When the cold comes, you’ll wish your door are insulated and properly maintained, so keep this in mind and improve them now when your heating bill isn’t escaping through the cracks in your doorframes.

Draught Excluder

While we’re on the topic, it’s important to state the essential nature of purchasing a draught excluder. Not only will this prevent cold air from coming in, but it will also prevent hot air from escaping. Also, making sure that your double glazing is correctly secured with silicon is an important consideration to keep on top of. Inspect your property top to bottom, and enact these practical home solutions in the problem areas. You might save tens of dollars from your heating bill.

Bleed Radiators

On the subject of heating, it’s important to make sure your radiators are being heated to the full breadth of the installation. Press your hand against this, and if you notice cold patches where the radiator is switched on, you could do with bleeding them. Simply place the key in the correct slot (should be provided with your equipment,) the trapped air will be let out. The moment you see moisture forming at the top of the radiator, then you have done your job and rest easy in the heat of your home. This can save you even more money than making sure the hot air isn’t escaping, so it’s worth a look for sure.

Home Decorations

It’s important to understand that while home decorations are exciting and often herald the beginning of the beautiful festivities, they can be difficult to work with. These decorations often rest in the attic or storage closet of your home for a year, and in this time they can become damaged or frayed through no fault of your own. It’s important to assess the electrical safety of these implements before you hang them up, especially if you’re placing them outside. To do so could help you avoid a nasty electrical fire, which insight is likely to spread quickly.

Don’t be afraid of purchasing new electrical decorations each year. Sometimes, the peace of mind can be worth the effort. If you’re not sure how your electrical appliance is faring, it might be best to lay on the side of wisdom and simply replace it. Check the warranty on everything you have purchased. If you’re well past the date of expiration, it’s probably not worth risking it.

Have fun!

Remember, your home should always remain YOUR home. Decorate it how you wish, and don’t be afraid to add that little extra genuine piece of character which helps you feel more comfortable. At the end of the day, your fun and safety should be considered in equal measure, and unless you have small children to worry about baby proofing the house for, you should feel free to decorate and enjoy your space to the degree you wish.

We’d like to wish you all a wonderful winter period.

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