Adding a Touch of Class to A Modern Home

Have you ever visited an old stately home? Even those that have been modernised and include new furniture and decoration scream luxury and class. As soon as you walk through the door, you feel decadence and glamour. You’re walking into a home where things happen. A part of history is laid out in front of you.

Of course, very few people live in stately homes today. But, that class doesn’t have to be confined to those select few. Think back over the years, to the homes of relatives when you were younger. Filled with artwork, heirlooms and statement pieces. Even the smaller homes had some class. It’s not always about money after all.

However, that class is easy to lose in a modern home as we go for white space and minimalism. How do we get the classy look and feel when we are trying to keep things clean and white? Let’s take a look at some easy ways to add class to your modern home.



There are a few different ways that you can add texture to your décor. You can include wall hangings, rugs, soft furnishings and fluffy carpets. This can add class, style and comfort to your home. Making is a place you can easily relax and ideal for welcoming guests. A house filled with texture is friendly and welcoming, it reflects a warm nature and is ideal for a house with a family.



Leather works well with texture to add both class and depth to a room. What’s classier or more decadent than a large leather sofa in a focal position in the room? Check out a Chesterfield sofa sale to find some affordable luxury for your home.



Mirrors are such an easy way to add glamour to a room. They make people think of the stars of stage and screen, or of glamourous locations and beautiful people. While also making a room look bigger. Add some larger mirrors to the wall furthest from the door to give the space an extended appearance.



One thing that stands out in large, expensive homes is often the artwork. Some of those old stately homes look more like art galleries than houses. You can quickly bring this same artist class into a modern home without resorting to paying a fortune for dated self-portraits or buying the works of great masters. Instead, buy cheaper prints of art your love, or large photographs of places that are important to you and have them well framed.



White space is great. It makes a room look large and clean and can help you to feel relaxed and alert. But, it doesn’t always look classy. Art will cheer it up, but you could also add some contrast. Add a dark colour to highlight the light. You could do this on a feature wall or with your furniture and accessories.

Even if you live in a modern cookie cutter home, the same as 50 others on your estate, you can easily make it classy and glamorous with some decadent touches.

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